Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy new year y'all!!!

Not gonna lie, 2013 wasn't my favourite year so far but it did hold some amazing moments. For example I was lucky enough to have two summer holidays, one was a cruise to Italy with the family and the other a weeks holiday to Tenerife with my girls!

 Second year at university wasn't all that memorable to be honest and I feel like I have accomplished so much more in my 3rd year already. I secured two jobs this year, both as a bar girl. Working at my university student union bar has completely changed my university experience, I just wish I had applied for it sooner!

I've seen many bands perform, highlights include Bastille, Gabrielle Aplin and The 1975's at the union and met the one and only Greg James - Radio one DJ. Talking about Radio, if you read my blog you'll know I presented the news every Friday for the uni radio which was such a great experience! 

Within radio, some of the girls include myself recorded a charity Christmas single which raised over £300.. here is the single and video to go with it ( I apologize for the cringeness). As well as the charity xmas single, I ran the race for life back in June and raised over £200 for Breast cancer and then went on to host a great pink bake sale at university! Sticking to charities, I took part in my universities naked calender?! Why.. I have no idea.. but not that many people can say they have been in a naked calender eh?

Hmm what else... 

I went to... my first ever wedding, Harry Potter world, Center Parcs, the BBC news studio, back to school, and the theatre twice for Matilda and Les Miserables!

I think that concludes my 2013 post! I hope everyone had a fab Christmas and new year! 

Good luck for 2014! 
Kathryn xxx

Friday, 20 December 2013

High Beam Benefit Highlighter

A few days ago I treated myself to one of the most talked about highlighters, High Beam by Benefit. I love benefit products, from their blushers and mascara to their primers and perfumes so I thought why not try out their highlighter! 

I currently use Sleek's contour palette however I feel like I have so much powder products on my face and in this winter weather it is not ideal as it dries out my skin.

At first look I fell in love with the High Beam, the colour of pearly pink is just perfect for catching any makeup lovers eye. It comes in an unusual bottle, very much like a nail vanish  and allows you to use the brush to dab on the product in various places you wish to highlight, such as the cheekbone, brow bone or my favourite, the cupids bow! 

At first I really didn't like the product as it didn't work well with my foundation. You put the product just after your foundation then layer your powder on top however it felt as if my foundation was falling off when I applied the highlighter. I am starting to get a bit more used to it and think it'll be much of a trial and error to get it perfeccttt.

Putting this aside the High Beam is a beautiful product, the smell, the colour and the texture are all wonderful and I am very happy with the purchase!

Kathryn x

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Christmas Cake!

This time next week it'll be Christmas Eve?! Can you believe it because I really can't. Time has flown by and unfortunately I do not feel christmassy at all. I'm not sure why but I think I have other things on my mind such as a hefty dissertation to write that has made me completely forget that there is a life outside of university work :(   

However, I have decorated the christmas cake again this year and here are some photos! 

I went for some autumnal colours with a lot of glitter! In order to get the raised/curved effect of the holly leaves I twisted some marzipan which is placed underneath the wreath to add some 3D effect! I wish I was good at using fondant, I'm not bad but it does take me a while to get the icing the way I would like. But overall I am pretty happy with the design :) Hope you like!

Kathryn xx 

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Naked 3 Urban Decay!

Ekkkk, the wait is finally over and I have got my hands on (with thanks to my boyfriend!) the beautiful Naked 3 by Urban Decay. Now I didn't even realize it was released in the UK until I wondered into House of Fraser and saw a tone of them a few days ago, plus an added bonus of 10% off! 

I am in love with every colour in the palette and I am sure if you are a lover of the previous palettes, you would have read various reviews from other bloggers on this fab release, properly already knowing the colours! 

I only own the original Naked palette and comparing it, it is clear that these colours are very much in the rose gold/ pinks/ all things girly shades! So without further-ado here are some photos. P.s my camera doesn't do it justice ha.   

In total there are 12 shades, all totally new. Ranging from light pink, ultra smooth mattes, and shimmering black. I have yet to try any of the colours however my eye is straight away drawn the colours Buzz ( a pearly pink), Mugshot, a sparkling gray, and the deepest black matte with micro-glitter named Blackheart. 

Included in the palette is a crease and shadow brush as well as 4 samples of the urban decay primer. I look forward to trying this as I only own the original however there is a sample pod of each colour; the original, eden, sin and anti-aging all holding about a week's worth of primer. 

This should be on every girls Christmas list. It's gorgeous and I can not wait to use it as soon as! :) 

Kathryn xx

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Week # unkown

I don't even know what's happening to my blog at the moment. I have noticed how it is all over the place BUT I have come to the conclusion that 1- I can't really spend time making cupcakes at the moment :( and 2 - I don't own my own camera to take the photos of what I want :( 

With this in mind, I have just wrote little updates of my life. Mainly so I don't forget the random little things I have been up to in the weeks, and to be honest I don't mind who reads my blog whether its many people or little. I love reading other people's on beauty goodies for example and just keep my little blog to myself, obviously I love everyone's comments and people who take the time to read my posts but I have noticed how random and messed up it is at the moment so sorry for that!

I have had another busy week! 

Highlights have been filming a video for a Livewire Radio Christmas single which I will probably post on here tomorrow for the laughs ha! 

I also arranged with the Environmental Science committee, a Christmas ball. Being the Ted Baker love that I am, I wore my Ted Baker Dress, Ted Baker heels and a Ted Baker clutch bag!

Seals! Me and my friend took a trip to Horsey beach to see the birthing or grey seals. However due to the tidal storm surge... apparently a majority of these have been abandoned or died :( There was over 300 pups on the beach on Thursday!

Radio! I am going to miss this soo much but next year I will have to start focusing on my degree a little more and with my bar job I am not going to have any room for this :(

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend <3 

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Sequin Explosion L'Oreal

Just a quick post to share my favourite new nail polish I stumbled across in Boots! 
L'oreal Color Riche Sequin Explosion #842

Sequin Explosion is a glitter topcoat, so a clear colour with lots of glitter used to go over any colour.

Why do I love it? Because it has so many lovely colours in, pinks, greens, silver but doesn't look tacky like some glitter nail polishes I have come across in my time. It contains both glitter particles and large hexagonal pieces. 

Unfortunately I don't have a camera on me so will have to use my instagram photos to show you how I have used this nail polish. It goes on like a dream and is so easy to layer up if need be!

Perfect for Christmas time!!  

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Topshop Haul!

I REALLY must stop spending now but Topshop keep releasing amazing items lately, my bank balance does not like it one bit. 
So what did I buy...

1/ Joni high waisted black jeans. I have a bit of a love hate relationship with topshop jeans. Sometimes they are fab, but sometimes they lack a lot of quality and can feel very thin. I am usually all for the Leigh jeans but the sizing wasn't great in the black so I opted for the comfy high waisted instead. 

2/ Tartan top. I am loving these box tops at the moment. The photo really doesn't do it justice. It has a beautiful texture, its pretty thin feeling but is silky soft!

3/ Boots! Boots aren't usually my thing but my converse and uggs have seen better days so I treated myself. They are so comfortable and real leather. Apparently they are selling out everywhere which isn't a surprise at all! 

Off to dinner again tonight so will probably piece these together :)

Hope everyones had a lovely weekend 

Kathryn xx

Saturday, 30 November 2013

November in a nutshell

Another week over and another month has come to an end. Seriously, when I started writing this blog and also doing the radio it shows you how quick time really does fly.

Earlier in the month I done a short instagram post on my days at home so ignoring them photos here are some little captured memories to remember the month by!

1,2,3/ Dinner date! I swear all my money either goes on makeup or going out for dinner! Had a little catch up in Nandos with one of my girls!
4/ Mexican night! Always nice to have nights in with your housemates!
5/ DJ Wars. I was asked to be on News Presenter DJ Wars on the radio. We had to pick songs related to the weather, sport and politics. I won!
6/ Just a nice Sunset over campus!
7/ Dinner date take 2. This time to Giraffe
8/ Christmas lights. Took a little trip to town to watch the christmas lights being turned on!
9/ Mulled wine! It is officially christmas when the mulled wine comes to the scene.
10/ Mac lipstick in Angel
11/ Sunday walks! The best days to go for a walk
12/ Christmas decorations. This was one of my favourite shifts at work, just decorating the bar with Christmas deco!
12/ Thankyou card! I recieved my Great Pink Bake Off poster in which I raised a total of £144.80 for breast cancer!
13/ Cath Kidston cupcakes! My besties birthday
14/ Christmas Number 1!.. Okay maybe not number 1 but 6 of the girls recorded a christmas single for livewire (the uni radio station). We sand Jingle Bell wrong and with no auto tune I think it sounds rather good!
15/ Christmas nails! L'oreal paris number 842
16,17/ Jamies Italian for Alice's birthday!! 

And that is my November in a nutshell.. not to mention I took part in the universities naked calender for the environmental science society! Ha. All in the name of charity!  

Lotsa love, Kathryn xx

Friday, 29 November 2013

L'oreal Paris Haul

I have decided how much I hate going into Boots, well I say hate.. its more a love hate relationship. I somehow seem to spend a bomb in there on cosmetics I really don't need! Yesterday was one of those days..

1/ First off I purchased some liquid eyeliner.. nothing exciting but the brush is pretty nice and much better than my last one. 

2/ Lipstick! Another colour added to the collection. I don't think L'oreal has enough credit for their lipsticks. They smell so lovely and their colours are so pigmented. I bought the shade 376 which is an autumnal colour, in between red and plum!

3/ Nail vanish! Christmas nails are a must. I can not wait to get home and use my Shellacs, but in the mean time I bought a glitter nail vanish. This is mainly because I have a Christmas ball to attend on Monday and my dress isn't exactly very christmassy!

As you may know Boots are famous for all their little treats.. After spending over £15 on them I received 3 free products. These were a Red Lipstick, shade 461. I am not a red lipstick fan and haven't ever actually owned one so will be nice to give this a go. In addition, there was a red nail vanish and a glitter mascara top coat... God knows how that will go down but I shall give it a go. 

Hope you like the products :)

Cath Kidston Cupcakes!

Hey all! It's my best friend birthday todayyy and she loves all things Cath Kidston. With that in mind I have tried my best to put that theme into these cupcakes. 

Hope you like them!

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Mac Angel!

I have literally had no time to blog, this is probably the first time I have had a little bit of spare time before I have to go back to work! 

I have been beyond busy with my dissertation, planning a Christmas ball, going for dinners, work etc.. you get the idea! 

I took a break from life to go to the shops to get my friend her birthday present and also dropped into MAC. So I wanted to purchase MAC's creme cup lipstick however they ran out but the lady persuaded me to buy a similar lippy named Angel!

 I had googled this before I left and to be honest, I think I 
actually prefer the colour. I'm not really very good at reviews as I enjoy most products I buy ha and now I find it hard to explain why I prefer this colour as I can not even remember what the difference was at the time! 

I suppose this was a pretty pointless post but I didn't want to forget about my blog whilst being busy :) also I was messing with online photo editors and as you can tell this one was extreme with their airbrushing ha!

I will also have a reason to finally bake some cupcakes this week so hopefully have a bit more of a structured post next time!

1 month till Christmas!! 

Lotsa love, Kathryn xx

Saturday, 9 November 2013

John Lewis Christmas!

Stress is what I am feeling right now but the only thing that actually kept me calming was watching the new John Lewis advert for Christmas! It is the cutest little advert, they always seem to do so well and you would expect it to be great seeing as it cost £7 million to produce!

Here is the little beauty! I don't think it had beaten last years unfortunately but that may be because I am a big Gabrielle Aplin fan and The Power of Love was just beautiful, although Lily Allen has proved herself to me with this cover of Somewhere Only We Know. 

P.s I saw Gabrielle Aplin preform on Wednesday night and she is absolutely brilliant!! 

Not long now :)


Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Big Shopping Spree

This weekend has been an expensive one! I firstly went to drinks/clubbing on Friday then...Fireworks Saturday, TGI's Sunday, Bicester Outlet Village Monday & Westfield Yesterday and heres some little treats I bought myself! 

Bicester Village

My lips are so sore at the moment so I haven't actually tried this properly. I got it from the Cosmetic Company in Bicester Outlet Village for £10 and I have a similar one from No 7 that is running out so thought I may as well! 

In addition, I bought the nicest hoodie from Jack Wills. Its from the outlet so had £30 off and is grey with the thick fluff inside, soo comfyy! 


I have been eyeing up this Tiffany bracelet for a while now so went to Westfield in the hope it would be there, but shock they didn't have my size in stock :(. HOWEVER, I have also had on my wish list a Michael Kors Selma bag and for some very bizarre reason my mum was feeling extremely generous and has purchased the bag for me for Christmas!!! EKK, I know it ages away and I don't want to get too excited in case something goes wrong i.e. she decides to take it back..

Now to start saving my money for Christmas!

Lots of Love Kathryn xxx

Home Sweet Home

There is nothing better than quality time at home! It was my friends 21st on Friday so all use girls decided to come back from uni for the weekend.. I won't bore you but here are some photos of the weekend! 

21st / Fireworks / Pina Colada / Ribs / TGI's / Bicester Village / Shellacs / Westfield / Michael Kors

I am going to do another post with all my purchases! 

Saturday, 2 November 2013


I absolutely love Halloween and this year everyone seemed to go all out! My two housemates and I went dressed as.. 3 dead blind mice ( my idea...). So to do this we got some daggers to replicate our blind stick then some mouse ears of course. We used a plain grey t-shirt with a white underneath and cut it to death smothered in blood. Then comes my favourite part.. the makeup!

I used the the Naked Palette as well as Sleeks I Divine in Storm to create purple/black dark eyes. I contoured my nose slightly to give it a little mice-ish effect then used a black eyeliner and red lipstick for the lips! Oh and some 'Manson' contact lenses which did actually make me feel blind for the night ha, well not blind just everything looked very blurry! 

I have just made some belated cupcakes too, I had no time due to coursework and I couldn't go without making any! So here they are, chocolate sponge with buttercream , some red syrup and some sugar glass! Hope you like :) 


I will probably be doing a double post today as I want to make some belated Halloween cupcakes so will do a Halloween post later on today... but for now I just want to share some Instagram photos of the past 2 or so weeks as once again I have been extremely busy with some really random days!

First Row
1: This is just a drunken selfie from the Bar Social a few weeks back! 
2: Radioooo! My first radio broadcast :') I love it, I'm slowly getting used to it and the nerves are still there but they'll soon fade!
3: Sweets. My mum who is a hygienist would not appreciate this pick a mix but sometimes you have to treat yourself!  
4: Dinner Date! I love dinner with my girls, I went with one of my best girls at uni to Giraffe. Hot duck stir fry, sweet potato fries and a cocktail <3 

Second Row
5: Whilst walking to the carpark after dinner we spotted the Doctor Who tardis for its 50th Anniversary1
6: Rupert! I love cats and when at uni I miss mine, but luckily we have this little ginger guy come and visit. I don't know his name so we've named him Rupert! 
7: The Great British Bake Off final. Everyone needs to watch this show! Our friend came over and he bought us girls some wine and popcorn to watch the final, naww :) 
8: Tom Odelle! Working at the bar means you get to watch great acts! I am not a fan of Tom Odelle but I can see why people like him, I also saw Goo Goo Dolls a few days before and on Wednesday.. Gabrielle Aplin ekk! 

Third Row
9: Another dinner! This time it was a lovely Thai restaurant and the photo shows the cutest elephant tea pot!
10/11/12: Okay so this day was so bizzare! I had my radio show ( photo 13) then as I am part of the Env Soc committee I had to attend some volunteering for field work. We went to this little wet woodlands where this lady named Kathy lives. She is so lovely but it's a very odd place to live, its like a giant shed and she had a tree inside her bedroom. Anyways, we done some fieldwork on the river then I got to hold her pet chicken... THEN we went to the river and got out the old rusty boat and canoes.. THEN we found a vodka bottle with a message inside, it was so random. Being us, we rang the number left on the note and was told the guy was in Germany but he had visited the lake several years back ha! 

Fourth Row.. nearly there
13: Just another radio selfie..
14: Donkeys! There's a beautiful lake at my uni campus where I used to go every weekend to for walks but I just haven't had time, until now! There's a huge field with over 20 donkeys/ponies/horses. Was a great way to cure a hangover
15: Halloween!! I will post about this later :')
16: My flat mate got a new camera so I was just testing it out on a random cat outside my bedroom! 

Hope you've all had a great week! 
Happy Halloween and Bonfire Night

Kathryn xxxx

Friday, 25 October 2013


I finally bought some new clothes! It feels like ages since I bought a new outfit and seeing as I love it so much I thought I would share it on my blog! It is all of course from Topshop..

Kimono: I think this was around £45. It is my favourite thing in my wardrobe at the moment, its silky and the colours are gorgeous. If you are looking to buy this I would suggest going down in size as it seemed very oversized.

Jeans: I love these Joni high waisted jeans as well as any jeans from the topshop selection. They are so soft and just go with almost anything.

Top: I must have about 6 of these in different colours now, and as with the jeans you can just put them on so effortlessly. 

As for the necklace, I do not have that but I wore one similar :) 

I also bought the Remington hair wand. Literally in love with it, so easy to use and the curls stay in forever! 

As per usual, I am so so busy! I really wanted to make this a good post but I have my radio show in less than an hour and then am off volunteering in the woods to study some aquatic invertebrates ( sounds fun I know ). 

I have had a great week though, I saw the Goo Goo Dolls and Tom Odell which although I am not into either of them, they were very very good live! In addition, I've been out for dinner twice this week which was so lovelyyy and different, hence the new clothes but now uni work is catching up with me :(! 

Hope everyone has had a great week and is excited for HALLOWEEN.. which means one thing, Halloween Cupcakes!!! 

Lots of Love,
Kathryn xxx

Thursday, 17 October 2013

The Great Pink Bake Off Part 2.


I am finished! So it was a bit of a rush this morning and a little disaster may of happened (sad face ) but it's okay  because life goes on and mistakes happen. 
Whilst transporting the cakes to the venue my friend sadly dropped 2 batches :(. At the time we both didn't really know what to do as they were pretty ruined. After setting up the table and watching cakes sell one after the other she suggested going back home to try and fix the cakes and at least make a bit more money. I took on the advice, ran home to quickly fix the mess by just spreading the icing over the squished cakes and hoping no one would notice! Luckily all 96 cupcakes sold :D 

I raised *drum roll*.... £130!!! 

Thank you to everyone who came along! I am so so happy with the result and hope everyone enjoyed their cupcake, sorry if I didn't get to see any of you! 

Lots of Love,

Kathryn xx 

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Bake Off Part 1!

Omg I am exhausted! I have literally had no time to myself these past few weeks but hopefully this weekend I will be able to put my feet up, enjoy some TV and chill out! 

As you may be aware I am taking part in The Great Pink Bake Off tomorrow! I have been baking for 2 days straight and thought I would share to you the cakes I chose to bake. Things were kept minimal to keep the cost down but hopefully they still taste just as good. Baking is a little hard in a small uni house kitchen especially when the oven isn't a fan oven so I can only put one tray in at a time otherwise one tray cooks and the other just burns. In addition, flour/sugar/glitter gets absolutely everywhere! The room was covered, but luckily my house mates were all out so I was left to make the mess and then clean it up as if nothing had happened!

So I chose to bake a few varieties. Firstly the plain old vanilla cupcakes. These are just classics and for people who don't like to venture out or like things to be simple. Chocolate were a must! I baked plain with chocolate butter cream, as well as mint chocolate and then some chocolate sponge with chocolate fudge icing. 

 Sainsbury's baking range is amazing at the moment and I hope it plans to increase. I was able to purchase some dried raspberries pieces so made some vanilla sponge filled with raspberry jam topped with vanilla butter cream and sprinkled of raspberries!

I admit, they aren't my favourite batches of cupcakes but bearing in mind I have baked over 96 I feel quite proud of myself :) 

Other than baking, I also went to see Bastille the other night! I am not a huge fan so I won't rave about it, they are very good musicians though. 
I am not sure if I mentioned my radio broadcast yet but I was basically have a slot as a news presenter on my uni radio every Friday at midday. So my first broadcast went... okay.. I mean as a first attempt I think I must of done okay, a few technical difficulties here and there and I must learn not to talk so fast ha blame the nerves! 
I have already wrote my first few news stories for Friday because after this bake sale I have to be ready for 7 pm for the Bar Social! Apparently it is one of the messiest uni socials so no joke, I am pretty worried how I am going to turn out especially as 3 Malibu and lemonades hit me pretty bad let alone starting drinking at 7 pm and it'll be attack on the newbies! 

I will do a Part 2 to let you all know how I get on... both with the uni social but more importantly the Bake Sale!

Keep calm and eat a cupcake!!

Lots of love, Kathryn xxx 

Monday, 7 October 2013


Geez, we are now a week into October, where on earth has the time gone again?! 
I love being able to look back and read what I have done and also be reminded of things via photos so I have decided that this post will be full of my Instagram photo's.
 I 100% should be doing work right now but once this is done I won't need to post for a while and also I have NO laptop once again so am borrowing my lovely friends whilst it gets fixed. 

On to the photos..

1: Environmental Science Society. I am currently the part of the Social side of the Environmental Science Society at University which brings people from both the school and those interested in the Environment together to have nights out, gain extra work in the fields and what not. So for the Society Fair I designed an eco-friendly banner made from recyclable materials to advertise our society and I am so pleased with the result, it looks so professional and if I can say so myself, that A* in Product Design came in very handy! 

2/3/4: Gigs! I am a lover of The 1975's at the moment, if you have yet to hear their album then you are missing out! Luckily my best friend works at the place they hold gigs and we gained free entry to see them 2 weeks ago now! They were amazing! Straight after the gig we went back to the Student Union to continue freshers week where Zane Lowe (Radio 1 DJ) was DJ'ing. Oh what a night!

5: Take Me Out to Nandos! Okay so long story short, last year my friends signed me up to take part in Take Me Out university edition. Fair enough it was a fun experience but I really dont want to be put on stage in front of every one judging guys ever again. I did however end up on a date to Nandos which was a laugh and actually me and the guy got on extremely well, not in a romantic way just as mates. He has now graduated but on a night out he managed to spot me and the next day we went back to Nandos for a catch up :) 

6/7/8: 50th Anniversary. My University were celebrating their 50th anniversary last weekend and they could not of asked for better weather! It was so cute, people who graduated way back we're reunited throughout the day at meetings and then had a big party till 2 am!
 It was such a busy day..I worked at the bar till lunch time, walked around campus with a beautiful burger, went on some rides, strolled back home to have dinner, then walked back onto campus to watch a Volcano Fire Works display THEN on the way back into work I spotted Greg James (Radio 1 DJ), who used to go to my university so got a little photo with him then had to work outside in this cold beer tent until 1 in the morning. God that was a long day! Oh and I also went out after work where Greg James was DJ'ing for us!

9/10/11/12: Last Thursday! I was very ill after that weekend but had to be up early to do a demo for my University Radio! This photo basically shows you hand panted gorillas that have been around the city for charity which was my news story for the radio. And guess who got the spot.. ME! I will be on air on Fridays at 12 o'clock presenting the news and also the weather of course. Yay I am so excited, happy and greatful that they chose me for a news beat slot!! 
God this is a long post. So during the day our shopping center had a Student Night, I was actually good for once and bought nothing, the high light was defiantly this photo booth! In the evening we hit town where the silly TOWIE cast ( Charlie and Mario ) were. Although I do watch the show the guys in it aren't the nicest of people, nevertheless I still got a photo ha! 

Nearly there...

13: Summer Blues. In the mist of all the excitement I am still having holiday blues. I don't know why because everything is so great at the moment but I wish I could just be rich and fly out, get on a cruise and relax for a bit whilst catching some rays. Although I am looking forward to the Autumn sun and the frosty mornings!

14/15/16: Yesterday! Yesterday was such a beautiful day, thank you high pressure! Our university has the most lovely lake where all the students chill, have lunch, read books and also fish! During freshers I pratically lived down there but this was probably the first time this year I have walked there. So we had a lovely walk and a little picnic on one of the fishing docks then in the evening had dinner at Gourmet Burger Kitchen that had just opened up. Being lactose intolerant and all it wasn't all that great and the service was awful. I am sure it is nice if you can eat the majority of the menu though :)

And that is my last few weeks in photos. 

Now.. I really need to start my dissertation properly and also start the coursework that I have been set before anything else crops up however I have work in an hour ha so the work will have to wait. 

ALSO I am seeing Bastille on Thursday ekkk!! 

Okay that's enough for one week. 

Lots of Love, Kathryn xxx 

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

The Great Pink Bake Off Pack

'This October, during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we’re asking you to put your pinny on, roll up your sleeves and show breast cancer what you’re made of in the Great Pink Bake Off.' 

What better reason to bake than to bake for charity! I have previously baked cakes for Break Through Breast Cancer by running the Race for Life earlier this year but I didn't bake them to raised any money instead just to hand out to my friends who supported me at the race!
Include in the pack are some stickers, a little box for collecting money, some recipes, voting banners, posters and other little goodies and also some bunting that can be printed off and made at home!!

I haven't ever done a bake sale on my own so I hope I have time to complete it all. It will be tough and I hope people will actually come and buy a cupcake or two, I now just need to sort out a time & date, buy some ingredients and start baking! 

Wish me luck :)!

Kathryn xx 

Monday, 30 September 2013

Wish list!

Now that I am employed & with a student loan that can only mean one thing, shopping!! However I am actually going to try and be good and save all my work money for travelling and for items that I actually really need.. see how long that'll last ha!

I have actually been good with my money and haven't done a big shopping spree in a while, I did buy some makeup of course and a new skirt so will share that and also somethings that I REALLY would love to afford! 

1: House of Fraser are currently holding £10 off top 10 beauty products such as Double Wear Estee Lauder Foundation but also this new Benefit Blusher from £23.50 to £13.50 which is gorgeous, its kind of a mix of coral and brozer!
2: River Island Tube Skirt. I love these skirts, I bought the pink one in sale a month ago or so and then found this green one in the sale, yay! 

Wish list

Now for my want list. 
1: Chloe Roses. If you have yet to smell the new Chloe Perfume then you are missing out, if you are a girl of course. I love Chloe, I have the original and must get bought it nearly every year as its so beautiful and strong too! This one is just as beautiful and can not wait to ask for it for Christmas, perfume just isn't the same if you buy it for yourself ha!

2: Wooden Spoon. Okay this is a bit random BUT this will be posted as a little hint for someone to buy me it for Christmas too or just whenever some one wants to treat me ha. Its found on notonthehightstreet.com, literally the best site for any unique cute gift ideas and this is just one of them. A personalized wooden spoon with a cupcake on it, what more could a girl want?! 

3: Michael Kors Selma in Black and White. Okay now I have been eyeing this bag up for a while now, its £350 which if you compare to a Mulberry is techinically not that expensive for a bag. I currently own a beautiful Ted Baker bag that I bought as a treat last year and although I absolutely love it, it does not compare to this little beaut! Fingers crossed for my 21st birthday eh. 

Time to go to work to earn some money if I want to have these in my life! 

Kathryn xx

Friday, 27 September 2013

Salted Caramel & Chocolate

Yes, I have been baking again!! (: The last batch were soo good and still have one more of my uni batch cupcakes left. It has been a little bit of a disaster with these cakes which I will soon explain but in the mean time I just want to say thank you to everyone who has spoken to me and said how impressed they are with my cakes. From my best mates to people I barely ever speak to who come up to me saying how they love my blog and how they have showed their parents or even asked for a recipe,  I really do appreciate it!! 

So I am a skint student, like the majority of us so I didn't want to buy anything new for this bake therefore chose some simple chocolate cupcakes with caramel sauce (all hand made of course :) ) 

It has been a bit of a disaster firstly because caramel sauce usually requires double cream or whipped cream but being silly lactose intolerant its very hard to replace this hence the sauce does taste a bit salty and not as creamy as I hoped but what can you do, its all trail and error! 
I also used plain chocolate to layer the cupcake top and sprinkled some dairy free fudge, after it has set I made some caramel butter cream using the caramel sauce! Sprinkled with a touch of salt and drizzled some more caramel sauce mmm! 

Now for the things that went wrong.. firstly I put the temperature on the oven for 100 instead of 160-180 degrees C.. then once they finallyy cooked I placed them on a hot oven ring. IDIOT, so burnt some of the cakes! Luckily I had about 2 cupcake mixture left in the bowl so baked them. But oh no.. shock, we had a power cut whilst they were in the oven and whilst the other cakes were setting in the fridge. To conclude, I have no idea what these taste like and am actually a little worried to try one. Never mind eh haha! 

Monday, 23 September 2013

University Life!

I am having one of those moments where I just want to write because life is so good right now and I know that this time next week I will probably be so stressed about everything and have no time to blog! :( 

So last week I moved into my new house at University and I love it! I live with 2 other girls who are like my best girls here and it all just feels so right unlike last year. On top of that I had work experience at a weather company and  also started a new job as a bar girl at the uni bar and although I have only worked there for.. well last than a week I can safely say it is one of the best jobs ever (maybe not ever). 
As it is part of the uni the hours are so flexible and you can pick whenever you want to work. I must say I have probably over worked a bit as I am so shattered, I can't even think of any down sides of working there. I have already met so many great people and we are all just so a like there and on top of the flexible hours and the pay you also have the social side of it all. 
When you work you see so many of your mates who although expect to be served ASAP will just be brilliant and keep you on your feet till the shift is over. The shifts are quite late sometimes but as a bonus you get free entry to nights in the Student Union and also, fingers crossed, I can work when bands come to perform at the venue such as Bastille and Gabrielle Aplin! 
So if you do ever get the chance to work at university I recommend it highly, you will not regret it and I know university is for studying but its also for the whole experience so make the most of every opportunity you can! 
Life is so busy but so good, I am also seeing Zane Low and the 1975's this week as well as lectures and nights out and catching up with everyone ekk, I hope everyone is having a great week and also enjoying this lovely late summer weather! 

Kathryn xx 

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Banana & Chocolate Cupcakes

Now, I know I have already baked banana and chocolate BUT they were more like muffins and I am more a cupcake kinda girl so I thought I would go for these (: 

Inside the cupcakes is a slice of banana mmm, instead of them being mushed like the other recipe! I pretty much used a basic cupcake recipe but replace a bit of flour with some cocoa powder and also grated in some dark chocolate. The best part of this cake is 100% the frosting! If you look back to my ferrero rocher recipe you will find the recipe... them just grate some chocolate on top! I would opt for some white chocolate if I wasn't lactose intolerant :( 

Hope you like :)