Saturday, 7 December 2013

Week # unkown

I don't even know what's happening to my blog at the moment. I have noticed how it is all over the place BUT I have come to the conclusion that 1- I can't really spend time making cupcakes at the moment :( and 2 - I don't own my own camera to take the photos of what I want :( 

With this in mind, I have just wrote little updates of my life. Mainly so I don't forget the random little things I have been up to in the weeks, and to be honest I don't mind who reads my blog whether its many people or little. I love reading other people's on beauty goodies for example and just keep my little blog to myself, obviously I love everyone's comments and people who take the time to read my posts but I have noticed how random and messed up it is at the moment so sorry for that!

I have had another busy week! 

Highlights have been filming a video for a Livewire Radio Christmas single which I will probably post on here tomorrow for the laughs ha! 

I also arranged with the Environmental Science committee, a Christmas ball. Being the Ted Baker love that I am, I wore my Ted Baker Dress, Ted Baker heels and a Ted Baker clutch bag!

Seals! Me and my friend took a trip to Horsey beach to see the birthing or grey seals. However due to the tidal storm surge... apparently a majority of these have been abandoned or died :( There was over 300 pups on the beach on Thursday!

Radio! I am going to miss this soo much but next year I will have to start focusing on my degree a little more and with my bar job I am not going to have any room for this :(

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend <3 


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