Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy new year y'all!!!

Not gonna lie, 2013 wasn't my favourite year so far but it did hold some amazing moments. For example I was lucky enough to have two summer holidays, one was a cruise to Italy with the family and the other a weeks holiday to Tenerife with my girls!

 Second year at university wasn't all that memorable to be honest and I feel like I have accomplished so much more in my 3rd year already. I secured two jobs this year, both as a bar girl. Working at my university student union bar has completely changed my university experience, I just wish I had applied for it sooner!

I've seen many bands perform, highlights include Bastille, Gabrielle Aplin and The 1975's at the union and met the one and only Greg James - Radio one DJ. Talking about Radio, if you read my blog you'll know I presented the news every Friday for the uni radio which was such a great experience! 

Within radio, some of the girls include myself recorded a charity Christmas single which raised over £300.. here is the single and video to go with it ( I apologize for the cringeness). As well as the charity xmas single, I ran the race for life back in June and raised over £200 for Breast cancer and then went on to host a great pink bake sale at university! Sticking to charities, I took part in my universities naked calender?! Why.. I have no idea.. but not that many people can say they have been in a naked calender eh?

Hmm what else... 

I went to... my first ever wedding, Harry Potter world, Center Parcs, the BBC news studio, back to school, and the theatre twice for Matilda and Les Miserables!

I think that concludes my 2013 post! I hope everyone had a fab Christmas and new year! 

Good luck for 2014! 
Kathryn xxx

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