Friday, 25 October 2013


I finally bought some new clothes! It feels like ages since I bought a new outfit and seeing as I love it so much I thought I would share it on my blog! It is all of course from Topshop..

Kimono: I think this was around £45. It is my favourite thing in my wardrobe at the moment, its silky and the colours are gorgeous. If you are looking to buy this I would suggest going down in size as it seemed very oversized.

Jeans: I love these Joni high waisted jeans as well as any jeans from the topshop selection. They are so soft and just go with almost anything.

Top: I must have about 6 of these in different colours now, and as with the jeans you can just put them on so effortlessly. 

As for the necklace, I do not have that but I wore one similar :) 

I also bought the Remington hair wand. Literally in love with it, so easy to use and the curls stay in forever! 

As per usual, I am so so busy! I really wanted to make this a good post but I have my radio show in less than an hour and then am off volunteering in the woods to study some aquatic invertebrates ( sounds fun I know ). 

I have had a great week though, I saw the Goo Goo Dolls and Tom Odell which although I am not into either of them, they were very very good live! In addition, I've been out for dinner twice this week which was so lovelyyy and different, hence the new clothes but now uni work is catching up with me :(! 

Hope everyone has had a great week and is excited for HALLOWEEN.. which means one thing, Halloween Cupcakes!!! 

Lots of Love,
Kathryn xxx

Thursday, 17 October 2013

The Great Pink Bake Off Part 2.


I am finished! So it was a bit of a rush this morning and a little disaster may of happened (sad face ) but it's okay  because life goes on and mistakes happen. 
Whilst transporting the cakes to the venue my friend sadly dropped 2 batches :(. At the time we both didn't really know what to do as they were pretty ruined. After setting up the table and watching cakes sell one after the other she suggested going back home to try and fix the cakes and at least make a bit more money. I took on the advice, ran home to quickly fix the mess by just spreading the icing over the squished cakes and hoping no one would notice! Luckily all 96 cupcakes sold :D 

I raised *drum roll*.... £130!!! 

Thank you to everyone who came along! I am so so happy with the result and hope everyone enjoyed their cupcake, sorry if I didn't get to see any of you! 

Lots of Love,

Kathryn xx 

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Bake Off Part 1!

Omg I am exhausted! I have literally had no time to myself these past few weeks but hopefully this weekend I will be able to put my feet up, enjoy some TV and chill out! 

As you may be aware I am taking part in The Great Pink Bake Off tomorrow! I have been baking for 2 days straight and thought I would share to you the cakes I chose to bake. Things were kept minimal to keep the cost down but hopefully they still taste just as good. Baking is a little hard in a small uni house kitchen especially when the oven isn't a fan oven so I can only put one tray in at a time otherwise one tray cooks and the other just burns. In addition, flour/sugar/glitter gets absolutely everywhere! The room was covered, but luckily my house mates were all out so I was left to make the mess and then clean it up as if nothing had happened!

So I chose to bake a few varieties. Firstly the plain old vanilla cupcakes. These are just classics and for people who don't like to venture out or like things to be simple. Chocolate were a must! I baked plain with chocolate butter cream, as well as mint chocolate and then some chocolate sponge with chocolate fudge icing. 

 Sainsbury's baking range is amazing at the moment and I hope it plans to increase. I was able to purchase some dried raspberries pieces so made some vanilla sponge filled with raspberry jam topped with vanilla butter cream and sprinkled of raspberries!

I admit, they aren't my favourite batches of cupcakes but bearing in mind I have baked over 96 I feel quite proud of myself :) 

Other than baking, I also went to see Bastille the other night! I am not a huge fan so I won't rave about it, they are very good musicians though. 
I am not sure if I mentioned my radio broadcast yet but I was basically have a slot as a news presenter on my uni radio every Friday at midday. So my first broadcast went... okay.. I mean as a first attempt I think I must of done okay, a few technical difficulties here and there and I must learn not to talk so fast ha blame the nerves! 
I have already wrote my first few news stories for Friday because after this bake sale I have to be ready for 7 pm for the Bar Social! Apparently it is one of the messiest uni socials so no joke, I am pretty worried how I am going to turn out especially as 3 Malibu and lemonades hit me pretty bad let alone starting drinking at 7 pm and it'll be attack on the newbies! 

I will do a Part 2 to let you all know how I get on... both with the uni social but more importantly the Bake Sale!

Keep calm and eat a cupcake!!

Lots of love, Kathryn xxx 

Monday, 7 October 2013


Geez, we are now a week into October, where on earth has the time gone again?! 
I love being able to look back and read what I have done and also be reminded of things via photos so I have decided that this post will be full of my Instagram photo's.
 I 100% should be doing work right now but once this is done I won't need to post for a while and also I have NO laptop once again so am borrowing my lovely friends whilst it gets fixed. 

On to the photos..

1: Environmental Science Society. I am currently the part of the Social side of the Environmental Science Society at University which brings people from both the school and those interested in the Environment together to have nights out, gain extra work in the fields and what not. So for the Society Fair I designed an eco-friendly banner made from recyclable materials to advertise our society and I am so pleased with the result, it looks so professional and if I can say so myself, that A* in Product Design came in very handy! 

2/3/4: Gigs! I am a lover of The 1975's at the moment, if you have yet to hear their album then you are missing out! Luckily my best friend works at the place they hold gigs and we gained free entry to see them 2 weeks ago now! They were amazing! Straight after the gig we went back to the Student Union to continue freshers week where Zane Lowe (Radio 1 DJ) was DJ'ing. Oh what a night!

5: Take Me Out to Nandos! Okay so long story short, last year my friends signed me up to take part in Take Me Out university edition. Fair enough it was a fun experience but I really dont want to be put on stage in front of every one judging guys ever again. I did however end up on a date to Nandos which was a laugh and actually me and the guy got on extremely well, not in a romantic way just as mates. He has now graduated but on a night out he managed to spot me and the next day we went back to Nandos for a catch up :) 

6/7/8: 50th Anniversary. My University were celebrating their 50th anniversary last weekend and they could not of asked for better weather! It was so cute, people who graduated way back we're reunited throughout the day at meetings and then had a big party till 2 am!
 It was such a busy day..I worked at the bar till lunch time, walked around campus with a beautiful burger, went on some rides, strolled back home to have dinner, then walked back onto campus to watch a Volcano Fire Works display THEN on the way back into work I spotted Greg James (Radio 1 DJ), who used to go to my university so got a little photo with him then had to work outside in this cold beer tent until 1 in the morning. God that was a long day! Oh and I also went out after work where Greg James was DJ'ing for us!

9/10/11/12: Last Thursday! I was very ill after that weekend but had to be up early to do a demo for my University Radio! This photo basically shows you hand panted gorillas that have been around the city for charity which was my news story for the radio. And guess who got the spot.. ME! I will be on air on Fridays at 12 o'clock presenting the news and also the weather of course. Yay I am so excited, happy and greatful that they chose me for a news beat slot!! 
God this is a long post. So during the day our shopping center had a Student Night, I was actually good for once and bought nothing, the high light was defiantly this photo booth! In the evening we hit town where the silly TOWIE cast ( Charlie and Mario ) were. Although I do watch the show the guys in it aren't the nicest of people, nevertheless I still got a photo ha! 

Nearly there...

13: Summer Blues. In the mist of all the excitement I am still having holiday blues. I don't know why because everything is so great at the moment but I wish I could just be rich and fly out, get on a cruise and relax for a bit whilst catching some rays. Although I am looking forward to the Autumn sun and the frosty mornings!

14/15/16: Yesterday! Yesterday was such a beautiful day, thank you high pressure! Our university has the most lovely lake where all the students chill, have lunch, read books and also fish! During freshers I pratically lived down there but this was probably the first time this year I have walked there. So we had a lovely walk and a little picnic on one of the fishing docks then in the evening had dinner at Gourmet Burger Kitchen that had just opened up. Being lactose intolerant and all it wasn't all that great and the service was awful. I am sure it is nice if you can eat the majority of the menu though :)

And that is my last few weeks in photos. 

Now.. I really need to start my dissertation properly and also start the coursework that I have been set before anything else crops up however I have work in an hour ha so the work will have to wait. 

ALSO I am seeing Bastille on Thursday ekkk!! 

Okay that's enough for one week. 

Lots of Love, Kathryn xxx 

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

The Great Pink Bake Off Pack

'This October, during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we’re asking you to put your pinny on, roll up your sleeves and show breast cancer what you’re made of in the Great Pink Bake Off.' 

What better reason to bake than to bake for charity! I have previously baked cakes for Break Through Breast Cancer by running the Race for Life earlier this year but I didn't bake them to raised any money instead just to hand out to my friends who supported me at the race!
Include in the pack are some stickers, a little box for collecting money, some recipes, voting banners, posters and other little goodies and also some bunting that can be printed off and made at home!!

I haven't ever done a bake sale on my own so I hope I have time to complete it all. It will be tough and I hope people will actually come and buy a cupcake or two, I now just need to sort out a time & date, buy some ingredients and start baking! 

Wish me luck :)!

Kathryn xx