Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy new year y'all!!!

Not gonna lie, 2013 wasn't my favourite year so far but it did hold some amazing moments. For example I was lucky enough to have two summer holidays, one was a cruise to Italy with the family and the other a weeks holiday to Tenerife with my girls!

 Second year at university wasn't all that memorable to be honest and I feel like I have accomplished so much more in my 3rd year already. I secured two jobs this year, both as a bar girl. Working at my university student union bar has completely changed my university experience, I just wish I had applied for it sooner!

I've seen many bands perform, highlights include Bastille, Gabrielle Aplin and The 1975's at the union and met the one and only Greg James - Radio one DJ. Talking about Radio, if you read my blog you'll know I presented the news every Friday for the uni radio which was such a great experience! 

Within radio, some of the girls include myself recorded a charity Christmas single which raised over £300.. here is the single and video to go with it ( I apologize for the cringeness). As well as the charity xmas single, I ran the race for life back in June and raised over £200 for Breast cancer and then went on to host a great pink bake sale at university! Sticking to charities, I took part in my universities naked calender?! Why.. I have no idea.. but not that many people can say they have been in a naked calender eh?

Hmm what else... 

I went to... my first ever wedding, Harry Potter world, Center Parcs, the BBC news studio, back to school, and the theatre twice for Matilda and Les Miserables!

I think that concludes my 2013 post! I hope everyone had a fab Christmas and new year! 

Good luck for 2014! 
Kathryn xxx

Friday, 20 December 2013

High Beam Benefit Highlighter

A few days ago I treated myself to one of the most talked about highlighters, High Beam by Benefit. I love benefit products, from their blushers and mascara to their primers and perfumes so I thought why not try out their highlighter! 

I currently use Sleek's contour palette however I feel like I have so much powder products on my face and in this winter weather it is not ideal as it dries out my skin.

At first look I fell in love with the High Beam, the colour of pearly pink is just perfect for catching any makeup lovers eye. It comes in an unusual bottle, very much like a nail vanish  and allows you to use the brush to dab on the product in various places you wish to highlight, such as the cheekbone, brow bone or my favourite, the cupids bow! 

At first I really didn't like the product as it didn't work well with my foundation. You put the product just after your foundation then layer your powder on top however it felt as if my foundation was falling off when I applied the highlighter. I am starting to get a bit more used to it and think it'll be much of a trial and error to get it perfeccttt.

Putting this aside the High Beam is a beautiful product, the smell, the colour and the texture are all wonderful and I am very happy with the purchase!

Kathryn x

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Christmas Cake!

This time next week it'll be Christmas Eve?! Can you believe it because I really can't. Time has flown by and unfortunately I do not feel christmassy at all. I'm not sure why but I think I have other things on my mind such as a hefty dissertation to write that has made me completely forget that there is a life outside of university work :(   

However, I have decorated the christmas cake again this year and here are some photos! 

I went for some autumnal colours with a lot of glitter! In order to get the raised/curved effect of the holly leaves I twisted some marzipan which is placed underneath the wreath to add some 3D effect! I wish I was good at using fondant, I'm not bad but it does take me a while to get the icing the way I would like. But overall I am pretty happy with the design :) Hope you like!

Kathryn xx 

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Naked 3 Urban Decay!

Ekkkk, the wait is finally over and I have got my hands on (with thanks to my boyfriend!) the beautiful Naked 3 by Urban Decay. Now I didn't even realize it was released in the UK until I wondered into House of Fraser and saw a tone of them a few days ago, plus an added bonus of 10% off! 

I am in love with every colour in the palette and I am sure if you are a lover of the previous palettes, you would have read various reviews from other bloggers on this fab release, properly already knowing the colours! 

I only own the original Naked palette and comparing it, it is clear that these colours are very much in the rose gold/ pinks/ all things girly shades! So without further-ado here are some photos. P.s my camera doesn't do it justice ha.   

In total there are 12 shades, all totally new. Ranging from light pink, ultra smooth mattes, and shimmering black. I have yet to try any of the colours however my eye is straight away drawn the colours Buzz ( a pearly pink), Mugshot, a sparkling gray, and the deepest black matte with micro-glitter named Blackheart. 

Included in the palette is a crease and shadow brush as well as 4 samples of the urban decay primer. I look forward to trying this as I only own the original however there is a sample pod of each colour; the original, eden, sin and anti-aging all holding about a week's worth of primer. 

This should be on every girls Christmas list. It's gorgeous and I can not wait to use it as soon as! :) 

Kathryn xx

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Week # unkown

I don't even know what's happening to my blog at the moment. I have noticed how it is all over the place BUT I have come to the conclusion that 1- I can't really spend time making cupcakes at the moment :( and 2 - I don't own my own camera to take the photos of what I want :( 

With this in mind, I have just wrote little updates of my life. Mainly so I don't forget the random little things I have been up to in the weeks, and to be honest I don't mind who reads my blog whether its many people or little. I love reading other people's on beauty goodies for example and just keep my little blog to myself, obviously I love everyone's comments and people who take the time to read my posts but I have noticed how random and messed up it is at the moment so sorry for that!

I have had another busy week! 

Highlights have been filming a video for a Livewire Radio Christmas single which I will probably post on here tomorrow for the laughs ha! 

I also arranged with the Environmental Science committee, a Christmas ball. Being the Ted Baker love that I am, I wore my Ted Baker Dress, Ted Baker heels and a Ted Baker clutch bag!

Seals! Me and my friend took a trip to Horsey beach to see the birthing or grey seals. However due to the tidal storm surge... apparently a majority of these have been abandoned or died :( There was over 300 pups on the beach on Thursday!

Radio! I am going to miss this soo much but next year I will have to start focusing on my degree a little more and with my bar job I am not going to have any room for this :(

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend <3 

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Sequin Explosion L'Oreal

Just a quick post to share my favourite new nail polish I stumbled across in Boots! 
L'oreal Color Riche Sequin Explosion #842

Sequin Explosion is a glitter topcoat, so a clear colour with lots of glitter used to go over any colour.

Why do I love it? Because it has so many lovely colours in, pinks, greens, silver but doesn't look tacky like some glitter nail polishes I have come across in my time. It contains both glitter particles and large hexagonal pieces. 

Unfortunately I don't have a camera on me so will have to use my instagram photos to show you how I have used this nail polish. It goes on like a dream and is so easy to layer up if need be!

Perfect for Christmas time!!  

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Topshop Haul!

I REALLY must stop spending now but Topshop keep releasing amazing items lately, my bank balance does not like it one bit. 
So what did I buy...

1/ Joni high waisted black jeans. I have a bit of a love hate relationship with topshop jeans. Sometimes they are fab, but sometimes they lack a lot of quality and can feel very thin. I am usually all for the Leigh jeans but the sizing wasn't great in the black so I opted for the comfy high waisted instead. 

2/ Tartan top. I am loving these box tops at the moment. The photo really doesn't do it justice. It has a beautiful texture, its pretty thin feeling but is silky soft!

3/ Boots! Boots aren't usually my thing but my converse and uggs have seen better days so I treated myself. They are so comfortable and real leather. Apparently they are selling out everywhere which isn't a surprise at all! 

Off to dinner again tonight so will probably piece these together :)

Hope everyones had a lovely weekend 

Kathryn xx