Monday, 30 September 2013

Wish list!

Now that I am employed & with a student loan that can only mean one thing, shopping!! However I am actually going to try and be good and save all my work money for travelling and for items that I actually really need.. see how long that'll last ha!

I have actually been good with my money and haven't done a big shopping spree in a while, I did buy some makeup of course and a new skirt so will share that and also somethings that I REALLY would love to afford! 

1: House of Fraser are currently holding £10 off top 10 beauty products such as Double Wear Estee Lauder Foundation but also this new Benefit Blusher from £23.50 to £13.50 which is gorgeous, its kind of a mix of coral and brozer!
2: River Island Tube Skirt. I love these skirts, I bought the pink one in sale a month ago or so and then found this green one in the sale, yay! 

Wish list

Now for my want list. 
1: Chloe Roses. If you have yet to smell the new Chloe Perfume then you are missing out, if you are a girl of course. I love Chloe, I have the original and must get bought it nearly every year as its so beautiful and strong too! This one is just as beautiful and can not wait to ask for it for Christmas, perfume just isn't the same if you buy it for yourself ha!

2: Wooden Spoon. Okay this is a bit random BUT this will be posted as a little hint for someone to buy me it for Christmas too or just whenever some one wants to treat me ha. Its found on, literally the best site for any unique cute gift ideas and this is just one of them. A personalized wooden spoon with a cupcake on it, what more could a girl want?! 

3: Michael Kors Selma in Black and White. Okay now I have been eyeing this bag up for a while now, its £350 which if you compare to a Mulberry is techinically not that expensive for a bag. I currently own a beautiful Ted Baker bag that I bought as a treat last year and although I absolutely love it, it does not compare to this little beaut! Fingers crossed for my 21st birthday eh. 

Time to go to work to earn some money if I want to have these in my life! 

Kathryn xx

Friday, 27 September 2013

Salted Caramel & Chocolate

Yes, I have been baking again!! (: The last batch were soo good and still have one more of my uni batch cupcakes left. It has been a little bit of a disaster with these cakes which I will soon explain but in the mean time I just want to say thank you to everyone who has spoken to me and said how impressed they are with my cakes. From my best mates to people I barely ever speak to who come up to me saying how they love my blog and how they have showed their parents or even asked for a recipe,  I really do appreciate it!! 

So I am a skint student, like the majority of us so I didn't want to buy anything new for this bake therefore chose some simple chocolate cupcakes with caramel sauce (all hand made of course :) ) 

It has been a bit of a disaster firstly because caramel sauce usually requires double cream or whipped cream but being silly lactose intolerant its very hard to replace this hence the sauce does taste a bit salty and not as creamy as I hoped but what can you do, its all trail and error! 
I also used plain chocolate to layer the cupcake top and sprinkled some dairy free fudge, after it has set I made some caramel butter cream using the caramel sauce! Sprinkled with a touch of salt and drizzled some more caramel sauce mmm! 

Now for the things that went wrong.. firstly I put the temperature on the oven for 100 instead of 160-180 degrees C.. then once they finallyy cooked I placed them on a hot oven ring. IDIOT, so burnt some of the cakes! Luckily I had about 2 cupcake mixture left in the bowl so baked them. But oh no.. shock, we had a power cut whilst they were in the oven and whilst the other cakes were setting in the fridge. To conclude, I have no idea what these taste like and am actually a little worried to try one. Never mind eh haha! 

Monday, 23 September 2013

University Life!

I am having one of those moments where I just want to write because life is so good right now and I know that this time next week I will probably be so stressed about everything and have no time to blog! :( 

So last week I moved into my new house at University and I love it! I live with 2 other girls who are like my best girls here and it all just feels so right unlike last year. On top of that I had work experience at a weather company and  also started a new job as a bar girl at the uni bar and although I have only worked there for.. well last than a week I can safely say it is one of the best jobs ever (maybe not ever). 
As it is part of the uni the hours are so flexible and you can pick whenever you want to work. I must say I have probably over worked a bit as I am so shattered, I can't even think of any down sides of working there. I have already met so many great people and we are all just so a like there and on top of the flexible hours and the pay you also have the social side of it all. 
When you work you see so many of your mates who although expect to be served ASAP will just be brilliant and keep you on your feet till the shift is over. The shifts are quite late sometimes but as a bonus you get free entry to nights in the Student Union and also, fingers crossed, I can work when bands come to perform at the venue such as Bastille and Gabrielle Aplin! 
So if you do ever get the chance to work at university I recommend it highly, you will not regret it and I know university is for studying but its also for the whole experience so make the most of every opportunity you can! 
Life is so busy but so good, I am also seeing Zane Low and the 1975's this week as well as lectures and nights out and catching up with everyone ekk, I hope everyone is having a great week and also enjoying this lovely late summer weather! 

Kathryn xx 

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Banana & Chocolate Cupcakes

Now, I know I have already baked banana and chocolate BUT they were more like muffins and I am more a cupcake kinda girl so I thought I would go for these (: 

Inside the cupcakes is a slice of banana mmm, instead of them being mushed like the other recipe! I pretty much used a basic cupcake recipe but replace a bit of flour with some cocoa powder and also grated in some dark chocolate. The best part of this cake is 100% the frosting! If you look back to my ferrero rocher recipe you will find the recipe... them just grate some chocolate on top! I would opt for some white chocolate if I wasn't lactose intolerant :( 

Hope you like :) 


Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Hey beauties :)! 

 I have had no internet lately due to moving house so I am going to rush this post so it doesn't cost too much on my wifi hotspot thingy from my phone! But guess who went shopping again.. oopsie! I haven't even got my student loan in and am still in my over draft but I start my new job tomorrow so that basically pays for the shopping I done today! :) 

I 'needed' some new makeup brushes for my new powder and also to contour so I purchased the Real Techniques Core Collection which includes.. a Detailer Brush for concealer and also lipstick, a Pointed Foundation Brush ( I probably will find some other use for that), a Buffing Brush for powder, and a Contour Brush to erm.. contour and highlight! 

I also bought some eye lashes curlers and... Sleek face contour palette in Light which I already love!


Ohhh.. I also had 2 days work experience at my local weather station place on campus and we had to do a filmed weather forecast ek! Was amazing (: 

Anyways, hope everyone's having a lovely week, thank you for all the amazing comments and hello to all my lovely new followers!! :')

Lotsa love, Kathryn xxx 

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Back to Uni Cupcakes

Oops, sorry for the double post today! 

I decided to do some last minute baking for the final time before University to make the most of my mum's camera as well as all of my cupcake goodies which I doubt I'll have room to take tomorrow :( . Pretty standard cupcakes to be honest but with some dark chocolate chips inside! Hope you like, now to watch The X Factor! 

 Sorry for the rubbish lighting!

Kathryn xx

The Last's off!

Its the last day at home, my last day at work yesterday and the last night out with the girls before we all go our separate ways for our final year at uni, where on earth has the time gone?!

To begin, I had my last shift at my job yesterday where I've been working behind the bar at a local Golf Club. Last Summer I worked in a restaurant as a waitress and the stress behind that was ridiculous, so much so that I used to be scared to go behind the bar to pour drinks. So due to the fact that I managed to get myself a job at the bar at University (yay) I thought I better get a bar job to make sure I can pour the perfect pint (not that drunken lads will even notice). I have also been asked back to work over Christmas so I'm not sure this really count's as my last shift but never mind (: 

Last night we celebrated my friends 21st birthday. I can not believe how old our group is getting ha, considering I have literally just turned 20 it feels odd now celebrating peoples 21st birthdays! I would of got some photos of my outfit but I was in such a hurry that I didn't have time so here's a little collage of what I wore. 

P.s I got it all in the sales! 

Now it is my last day at home, Summer has gone way too fast but in a way I feel like its time to go back! I can not wait, new house, new modules, new job! Ekk bring on the final year of university!! 

Good luck everyone!

Kathryn xxx

Thursday, 12 September 2013

To the shops!

Ohhh how I wish I wasn't a student sometimes, going shopping with no money is beyond depressing :( !

So today Becky and I made our way to Stratford to shop at Westfield. I had never been to this one before and although it is pretty much the same as the one in Shepherds Bush I still favour the latter for some reason. I think it has a little more room and the layout is much more simple, to me I felt like I was walking just in a straight line unlike Shepherds Bush where it has some sort of a circular layout (I think?...) but enough of that.

Ate my first piece of Sushi &
you are never too old for the Disney Store
 As previously mentioned I literally have no money so I would like to say thank you Topshop for not having any nice clothes that caught my eye for once! However, I did somehow magically find some money to buy some Mac products, in my defense I had ran out of a product so needed it replacing and then whilst I was in there I had to buy a lipstick :)
Its called Speed Dial- Creme Sheen, I am sure you have all heard of it, its such a gorgeous colour! 

Creme Sheen- Speed Dial

What a lovely day!

Kathryn xx

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Brush Holder

I wanted to bake some cupcakes today as it seems like its been ages since I done a post however for the second time this week my mum seems to be taking over the baking department by baking huge cakes such as Lemon Drizzle and now Ginger Cake so now there is no room for any of my cupcakes! 

Therefore I have gone down the beauty post route to share with you a little bit of DIY. To begin I am literally one of the messiest girls around especially when it comes to makeup so in a way posting this has made me clean my dressing table.. thumbs up! So.. the other day I decided to make a makeup brush holder due to the fact that my brushes are usually stored in my drawers where my makeup ( with probably no lid on ) is found.

I bought a very cheap jam jar in Sainsburys costing around £2 that seemed a suitable size. Using some double sided tape I stuck it around the top of the jar and just wrapped some plain string until it was all covered. Now for some decoration, I had one of those little wooden hanging hearts  laying around and added a little button on the top for extra detail. Using some more string I threaded it through and wrapped it back around the top and secured it with a bow.. and now for some photos! 

 Hope you like :) 

Kathryn x

Monday, 9 September 2013

Liebster Award

So I originally planned this blog to post photos of the cupcakes I bake and also general life activities however I can soon see it developing into a beauty blog, definitely not going to complain.
So the lovely Hannah from commented nominating me for a 'Liebster Award' which in German translated to dearest and posted for new bloggers with fewer than 200 followers in order to gain recognition which is then passed onto other bloggers. 

And now for the questions Hannah asked:

1. What is your all time must have beauty product?

As boring as this is and I'm not sure if you can even class it as a beauty product, Sudocream!

2. What is you favourite thing to do in spare time?

No shock here, baking cupcakes and going for walks!

3. What is your style of fashion?
Until recently I never really had a style, but now I like to keep things plain and simple, that way I know it will never go out of fashion. I have also been on a massive pink hype for ages now, luckily for me it is in trend this season ha!

4. How do you most like to style you hair?
When it comes to my hair, everyone will know that I'am most likely to go for the half up half down look.

5. Mascara or base make up?

Ah, as much as I love wearing foundation to make my skin look half decent I would much rather wear a mascara and go bare faced. Sometimes it feels nice to breath in your own skin. 

6. Twitter or Instagram?
Instagram all the way. I joined the Twitter hype last year but one day I woke up and just thought to myself 'Why does anyone want to know what I put on my toast this morning?!'.. maybe not that extreme but I found it extremely pointless and time consuming, for me anyways :)

7. Who is your favourite youtuber/ blogger?

Tanya Burr all the way! I have met her in Norwich... by meeting I mean walking past her in Topshop ha!

8. Whats you favourite blog or youtube tag?

Anything Beauty related!

9. What/ who inspired you to blog?
No one. As blunt and random as that sounds, I used to have a blog a few years back and I didn't really know anything about this blog hype and now I just decided to write my own to look back on and keep me busy :) 

10. What is favourite food?

Peanut butter! MMM...

Hope that wasn't too boring... 
When I have the time to search another 11 people to do this I shall, in the mean time.. 

Enjoy your day :) xxxx

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

1st day back!

I can not believe I left school in 2011, so much has happened since yet a part of me misses it so much and although I thought I would never say it, I would love to go back for a week! So today Abbie and I went back to school to visit some of our teachers and just to have a little nose around to be honest and my god it brought back so many memories. I know it wasn't that long ago but it felt so different being back there and seeing the teachers walk past and some not even recognizing us.

Everyone seems to say that University is the best time of your life but I beg to differ! I know I should probably appreciate it more than I do, but we never really appreciate whats going on in the present and although I probably will miss university when I leave, I don't believe it has impacted my life the way Secondary School has, saying that I still have one year to go!

I really do miss school and it sucks knowing that them days are over and that soon I'll be facing the real world with no more education ek!

Kathryn x 

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

First Paid Batch!

Ekkk!! Soo as the title suggests I have been baking my first ever batch of cupcakes that someone ordered... well I say that, its actually my friend who I baked the giant cupcake for, but still! It's actually quite exciting having someone asking you to bake some cupcakes for them and with the added bonus of being paid to do so! Now with that excitement out of the way here are some photos... 

They are just my standard vanilla recipe but I ran out of vanilla essence so the icing is lemon butter cream! I actually love them, I'm not sure what I did different but the butter cream was so smooth when icing and am extremely happy with the outcome! 

I will dedicate this post to my lovely girl Zara and hope she had a wonderful birthday and loves all the cake! I'am also going to include a few photos of the night out and hope the girls loved the makeup I done for them (if I am not a weather girl or own a cupcake shop when I am older, a nail salon and makeup parlor will have to do!) 

Love you all x