Sunday, 1 December 2013

Topshop Haul!

I REALLY must stop spending now but Topshop keep releasing amazing items lately, my bank balance does not like it one bit. 
So what did I buy...

1/ Joni high waisted black jeans. I have a bit of a love hate relationship with topshop jeans. Sometimes they are fab, but sometimes they lack a lot of quality and can feel very thin. I am usually all for the Leigh jeans but the sizing wasn't great in the black so I opted for the comfy high waisted instead. 

2/ Tartan top. I am loving these box tops at the moment. The photo really doesn't do it justice. It has a beautiful texture, its pretty thin feeling but is silky soft!

3/ Boots! Boots aren't usually my thing but my converse and uggs have seen better days so I treated myself. They are so comfortable and real leather. Apparently they are selling out everywhere which isn't a surprise at all! 

Off to dinner again tonight so will probably piece these together :)

Hope everyones had a lovely weekend 

Kathryn xx


  1. Topshop is insanely good recently, I think I've spent about £200 there the last few weeks :S
    Love all the pieces - would look fab together.
    Hannah | twoforjoy | xo