Friday, 29 November 2013

L'oreal Paris Haul

I have decided how much I hate going into Boots, well I say hate.. its more a love hate relationship. I somehow seem to spend a bomb in there on cosmetics I really don't need! Yesterday was one of those days..

1/ First off I purchased some liquid eyeliner.. nothing exciting but the brush is pretty nice and much better than my last one. 

2/ Lipstick! Another colour added to the collection. I don't think L'oreal has enough credit for their lipsticks. They smell so lovely and their colours are so pigmented. I bought the shade 376 which is an autumnal colour, in between red and plum!

3/ Nail vanish! Christmas nails are a must. I can not wait to get home and use my Shellacs, but in the mean time I bought a glitter nail vanish. This is mainly because I have a Christmas ball to attend on Monday and my dress isn't exactly very christmassy!

As you may know Boots are famous for all their little treats.. After spending over £15 on them I received 3 free products. These were a Red Lipstick, shade 461. I am not a red lipstick fan and haven't ever actually owned one so will be nice to give this a go. In addition, there was a red nail vanish and a glitter mascara top coat... God knows how that will go down but I shall give it a go. 

Hope you like the products :)

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