Monday, 30 September 2013

Wish list!

Now that I am employed & with a student loan that can only mean one thing, shopping!! However I am actually going to try and be good and save all my work money for travelling and for items that I actually really need.. see how long that'll last ha!

I have actually been good with my money and haven't done a big shopping spree in a while, I did buy some makeup of course and a new skirt so will share that and also somethings that I REALLY would love to afford! 

1: House of Fraser are currently holding £10 off top 10 beauty products such as Double Wear Estee Lauder Foundation but also this new Benefit Blusher from £23.50 to £13.50 which is gorgeous, its kind of a mix of coral and brozer!
2: River Island Tube Skirt. I love these skirts, I bought the pink one in sale a month ago or so and then found this green one in the sale, yay! 

Wish list

Now for my want list. 
1: Chloe Roses. If you have yet to smell the new Chloe Perfume then you are missing out, if you are a girl of course. I love Chloe, I have the original and must get bought it nearly every year as its so beautiful and strong too! This one is just as beautiful and can not wait to ask for it for Christmas, perfume just isn't the same if you buy it for yourself ha!

2: Wooden Spoon. Okay this is a bit random BUT this will be posted as a little hint for someone to buy me it for Christmas too or just whenever some one wants to treat me ha. Its found on, literally the best site for any unique cute gift ideas and this is just one of them. A personalized wooden spoon with a cupcake on it, what more could a girl want?! 

3: Michael Kors Selma in Black and White. Okay now I have been eyeing this bag up for a while now, its £350 which if you compare to a Mulberry is techinically not that expensive for a bag. I currently own a beautiful Ted Baker bag that I bought as a treat last year and although I absolutely love it, it does not compare to this little beaut! Fingers crossed for my 21st birthday eh. 

Time to go to work to earn some money if I want to have these in my life! 

Kathryn xx


  1. I absolutely love the original chloe perfume. The roses one looks lovely! xxx

    1. Let me know what cha think of it when you smell it! I love it so much :)) xxx

  2. Great wishlist! Love the skirt and that Benefit blush is such a good price as it was only recently released :) xxx