Saturday, 2 November 2013


I absolutely love Halloween and this year everyone seemed to go all out! My two housemates and I went dressed as.. 3 dead blind mice ( my idea...). So to do this we got some daggers to replicate our blind stick then some mouse ears of course. We used a plain grey t-shirt with a white underneath and cut it to death smothered in blood. Then comes my favourite part.. the makeup!

I used the the Naked Palette as well as Sleeks I Divine in Storm to create purple/black dark eyes. I contoured my nose slightly to give it a little mice-ish effect then used a black eyeliner and red lipstick for the lips! Oh and some 'Manson' contact lenses which did actually make me feel blind for the night ha, well not blind just everything looked very blurry! 

I have just made some belated cupcakes too, I had no time due to coursework and I couldn't go without making any! So here they are, chocolate sponge with buttercream , some red syrup and some sugar glass! Hope you like :) 


  1. I've never seen anyone dress as dead blind mice before, good idea - haha! those cupcakes look amazing!
    becky x

    1. Haha thank you lovely! People seemed to be very creeped out xx

  2. Your look is amazing, hahaha ;D Great !

    Follow ;3 Do you do the same ? ;)

  3. Everyone went so all out this year! You look adorable but very good and hallloweeny at the same time! I can never get the mix right haha.

    love Em x

  4. hahahaha! nice

    Happy Halloween

    Best Regards
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  5. Happy Halloween!

    Best Regards