Saturday, 30 November 2013

November in a nutshell

Another week over and another month has come to an end. Seriously, when I started writing this blog and also doing the radio it shows you how quick time really does fly.

Earlier in the month I done a short instagram post on my days at home so ignoring them photos here are some little captured memories to remember the month by!

1,2,3/ Dinner date! I swear all my money either goes on makeup or going out for dinner! Had a little catch up in Nandos with one of my girls!
4/ Mexican night! Always nice to have nights in with your housemates!
5/ DJ Wars. I was asked to be on News Presenter DJ Wars on the radio. We had to pick songs related to the weather, sport and politics. I won!
6/ Just a nice Sunset over campus!
7/ Dinner date take 2. This time to Giraffe
8/ Christmas lights. Took a little trip to town to watch the christmas lights being turned on!
9/ Mulled wine! It is officially christmas when the mulled wine comes to the scene.
10/ Mac lipstick in Angel
11/ Sunday walks! The best days to go for a walk
12/ Christmas decorations. This was one of my favourite shifts at work, just decorating the bar with Christmas deco!
12/ Thankyou card! I recieved my Great Pink Bake Off poster in which I raised a total of £144.80 for breast cancer!
13/ Cath Kidston cupcakes! My besties birthday
14/ Christmas Number 1!.. Okay maybe not number 1 but 6 of the girls recorded a christmas single for livewire (the uni radio station). We sand Jingle Bell wrong and with no auto tune I think it sounds rather good!
15/ Christmas nails! L'oreal paris number 842
16,17/ Jamies Italian for Alice's birthday!! 

And that is my November in a nutshell.. not to mention I took part in the universities naked calender for the environmental science society! Ha. All in the name of charity!  

Lotsa love, Kathryn xx

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