Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Big Shopping Spree

This weekend has been an expensive one! I firstly went to drinks/clubbing on Friday then...Fireworks Saturday, TGI's Sunday, Bicester Outlet Village Monday & Westfield Yesterday and heres some little treats I bought myself! 

Bicester Village

My lips are so sore at the moment so I haven't actually tried this properly. I got it from the Cosmetic Company in Bicester Outlet Village for £10 and I have a similar one from No 7 that is running out so thought I may as well! 

In addition, I bought the nicest hoodie from Jack Wills. Its from the outlet so had £30 off and is grey with the thick fluff inside, soo comfyy! 


I have been eyeing up this Tiffany bracelet for a while now so went to Westfield in the hope it would be there, but shock they didn't have my size in stock :(. HOWEVER, I have also had on my wish list a Michael Kors Selma bag and for some very bizarre reason my mum was feeling extremely generous and has purchased the bag for me for Christmas!!! EKK, I know it ages away and I don't want to get too excited in case something goes wrong i.e. she decides to take it back..

Now to start saving my money for Christmas!

Lots of Love Kathryn xxx