Thursday, 20 March 2014

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Dairy Free Cupcakes

Mmmmm!! It was the boyfriends 21st yesterday and seeing as he loves all things peanut butter related (as do I) I thought these would be perfect! They are sooo simple to make and it was such a shambles i.e. I just add ed bits of ingredients throughout! 

Nevertheless they taste so good :) They are a chocolate sponge with peanut butter frosting with drizzled dark chocolate! 

Hope you like, if any one wants a recipe let me know and I'll post it but I am sooo busy with coursework hence why the silly little post :) 

Kathryn xx

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Life update! ( & the day Tanya Burr and Jim walked past me whilst I was dressed as a tap)

Ha sorry for the long title.. but I will get to that part in a minute! 

So I haven't posted much lately because university work has taken over my life and I have been doing extra hours at work to buy the boyfriend a 21st present (what a great girlfriend..). Any who, here is a little life update that hopefully isn't too boring :) If it is I am sorry ha, I just don't want my blog to fizzle out so figured this was the best way. 

Also.. another update: 16 days into March and I haven't bought any makeup woho! 

1// Soya American Pancakes 2//Fav Flowers! 3//Livewire Radio 4//Beacbeachbeach 5//Tap. 6//Beach again 7//Cocktails 8// Archery? 9//Night out

Okay that didn't really seem very exciting did it. 

Anywasy, yesterday (Saturday) I was raising money for the charity Water Aid in the town center.. dressed in a very very silly tap costume... Just my luck that Tanya Burr and Jim walk past me ( unfortunately they didn't donate booo :( ). 

Anyways, hope every one is having a beautiful weekend. I will also have some cupcakes to go bake this week which I will post! :D 

Much love, Kathryn xx

P.s This is the reason I was dressed like I was ha!

Monday, 3 March 2014

Month: March Makeup Challenge!

It has become somewhat apparent that I am a becoming a bit of a beauty addict, starting a blog certainly has not helped this. I have decided, that with only 4 weeks left of University I shall start focusing purely on my studies (whilst writing this instead of revising for an exam tomorrow) and most importantly undertake a whole month of buying no makeup! 

A month doesn't sound that long really.. but when you end up going into Boots or even the makeup isle in Sainsburys to check out makeup you only just looked at, I have a feeling it'll be harder than it sounds! 

I really hope I stick to my words and hopefully I will save a bit of money in the mean time! :)

Anyone up to join the challenge ha?

Kathryn x