Saturday, 2 November 2013


I will probably be doing a double post today as I want to make some belated Halloween cupcakes so will do a Halloween post later on today... but for now I just want to share some Instagram photos of the past 2 or so weeks as once again I have been extremely busy with some really random days!

First Row
1: This is just a drunken selfie from the Bar Social a few weeks back! 
2: Radioooo! My first radio broadcast :') I love it, I'm slowly getting used to it and the nerves are still there but they'll soon fade!
3: Sweets. My mum who is a hygienist would not appreciate this pick a mix but sometimes you have to treat yourself!  
4: Dinner Date! I love dinner with my girls, I went with one of my best girls at uni to Giraffe. Hot duck stir fry, sweet potato fries and a cocktail <3 

Second Row
5: Whilst walking to the carpark after dinner we spotted the Doctor Who tardis for its 50th Anniversary1
6: Rupert! I love cats and when at uni I miss mine, but luckily we have this little ginger guy come and visit. I don't know his name so we've named him Rupert! 
7: The Great British Bake Off final. Everyone needs to watch this show! Our friend came over and he bought us girls some wine and popcorn to watch the final, naww :) 
8: Tom Odelle! Working at the bar means you get to watch great acts! I am not a fan of Tom Odelle but I can see why people like him, I also saw Goo Goo Dolls a few days before and on Wednesday.. Gabrielle Aplin ekk! 

Third Row
9: Another dinner! This time it was a lovely Thai restaurant and the photo shows the cutest elephant tea pot!
10/11/12: Okay so this day was so bizzare! I had my radio show ( photo 13) then as I am part of the Env Soc committee I had to attend some volunteering for field work. We went to this little wet woodlands where this lady named Kathy lives. She is so lovely but it's a very odd place to live, its like a giant shed and she had a tree inside her bedroom. Anyways, we done some fieldwork on the river then I got to hold her pet chicken... THEN we went to the river and got out the old rusty boat and canoes.. THEN we found a vodka bottle with a message inside, it was so random. Being us, we rang the number left on the note and was told the guy was in Germany but he had visited the lake several years back ha! 

Fourth Row.. nearly there
13: Just another radio selfie..
14: Donkeys! There's a beautiful lake at my uni campus where I used to go every weekend to for walks but I just haven't had time, until now! There's a huge field with over 20 donkeys/ponies/horses. Was a great way to cure a hangover
15: Halloween!! I will post about this later :')
16: My flat mate got a new camera so I was just testing it out on a random cat outside my bedroom! 

Hope you've all had a great week! 
Happy Halloween and Bonfire Night

Kathryn xxxx

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