Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Bake Off Part 1!

Omg I am exhausted! I have literally had no time to myself these past few weeks but hopefully this weekend I will be able to put my feet up, enjoy some TV and chill out! 

As you may be aware I am taking part in The Great Pink Bake Off tomorrow! I have been baking for 2 days straight and thought I would share to you the cakes I chose to bake. Things were kept minimal to keep the cost down but hopefully they still taste just as good. Baking is a little hard in a small uni house kitchen especially when the oven isn't a fan oven so I can only put one tray in at a time otherwise one tray cooks and the other just burns. In addition, flour/sugar/glitter gets absolutely everywhere! The room was covered, but luckily my house mates were all out so I was left to make the mess and then clean it up as if nothing had happened!

So I chose to bake a few varieties. Firstly the plain old vanilla cupcakes. These are just classics and for people who don't like to venture out or like things to be simple. Chocolate were a must! I baked plain with chocolate butter cream, as well as mint chocolate and then some chocolate sponge with chocolate fudge icing. 

 Sainsbury's baking range is amazing at the moment and I hope it plans to increase. I was able to purchase some dried raspberries pieces so made some vanilla sponge filled with raspberry jam topped with vanilla butter cream and sprinkled of raspberries!

I admit, they aren't my favourite batches of cupcakes but bearing in mind I have baked over 96 I feel quite proud of myself :) 

Other than baking, I also went to see Bastille the other night! I am not a huge fan so I won't rave about it, they are very good musicians though. 
I am not sure if I mentioned my radio broadcast yet but I was basically have a slot as a news presenter on my uni radio every Friday at midday. So my first broadcast went... okay.. I mean as a first attempt I think I must of done okay, a few technical difficulties here and there and I must learn not to talk so fast ha blame the nerves! 
I have already wrote my first few news stories for Friday because after this bake sale I have to be ready for 7 pm for the Bar Social! Apparently it is one of the messiest uni socials so no joke, I am pretty worried how I am going to turn out especially as 3 Malibu and lemonades hit me pretty bad let alone starting drinking at 7 pm and it'll be attack on the newbies! 

I will do a Part 2 to let you all know how I get on... both with the uni social but more importantly the Bake Sale!

Keep calm and eat a cupcake!!

Lots of love, Kathryn xxx 


  1. wow, 96 cupcakes! Thats great about the radio broadcast. I'm studying journalism but no way would I be confident to actually be on radio or tv! Uni nights are the best, sometimes at my uni we start drinking at 12pm and go all thought the afternoon and night, its crazy. Well done on raising £130! xx

    1. Haha thank youu!! Radio is amazing, it's so easy :) should deffo try it out xx