Sunday, 18 May 2014

Time for Change

When looking back at last year when I started this blog, it was purely for my recipes and little life updates that I can look back on and remember some special moments however it has taken a strange route of beauty related posts, which although I love make up I really don't think writing about it is up my street. 

I find it a struggle which blogging really shouldn't be about and would rather focus on some lifestyle bits and bobs which I enjoy writing and that comes more naturally to me. In addition it saves me worrying about taking a photo of something I have just purchased before I can use it and giving a personal review of the product which many bloggers have probably no doubt already posted about. 

I don't want my blog to be something that stresses me out, plus after looking at some lovely blogs I have accepted that I will never have perfect photos or the perfect skin/makeup therefore am happy to just write life updates and stick to things I love i.e. baking!! 

Time to give my blog a little make over! :) 

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