Saturday, 24 May 2014

Eating Out with an Allergy...

Now I really do love eating out, I like trying new things and especially eyeing up the decor in restaurants.. this is after the thought of starting my own little tea room ( crazy idea due to lack of graduate jobs). Anyways.. being lactose intolerant is a massive pain! I will see something I like but then notice everything is coated in butter, sprinkled with cheese or made with milk. It is extremely frustrating and awkward to keep asking the waiter to check what the ingredients are with the chef. I know it has to be done but sometimes it still doesn't run smoothly which is what I experienced today. 

This could go both ways however... Either I have figured out I am no longer lactose intolerant (yay!) or I will feel the consequences in a few hours time (fingers cross to the first).

 I went along with the boyfriend to a lovely brunch/dinner restaurant which serve flatbreads with various toppings, luckily the dough no longer contained butter! So I ordered a brunch flatbread.. little did I know that half way through and cutting into the egg that there was in fact cheese on the dish. Maybe I can no longer notice the flavour of cheese or just had trust in the chef that no milk would be found in my meal but until my boyfriend tried some I then realized I had ate a whole lunch that had cheese in it! 

Mine ( can kinda see the cheesyness now :( ) 

And the thing that annoyed me the most... I told them I had an allergy straight away, the menu said no cheese unlike the other options but after reading the menu online, the one I ordered said cheese?! What is up with that. Now I am hoping that all is well but my stomach is feeling dodgy.

Anyways what I am trying to say is that... allergies are extremely annoying for us(and to those going out with us) and we really don't mean to be a pain but I just wish all restaurants could take the time to ensure that they have actually taken into account the dietary requirement. Some places I have been to have been amazing, for example Pizza Express who actually give alternatives and extra toppings, or TGI's who offer more chips (woho!). 

Fingers crossed I am fine :( Other than that it would have been a wonderful meal. Rant over, enjoy your Saturday evening!

Kathryn xx


  1. I feel the exact same, I have to be really careful. The other day I said no cheese on my burger at the Pickle and Relish on Unthank, and they completely forgot. Thankfully it was so small that I could just peel it off, but still rather annoying. Veggie restaurants or ones that cater more vegetarian options are a lot better at understanding food intolerances xx

    1. >:( Apparently the other half has emailed a complaint. It's sooo annoying, I've heard there is a really good vegetarians place in town so will have to give that a go :) xxx