Friday, 2 May 2014

Kathryn Bakes: Coffee & Lotus Biscuit Spread Cupcakes!

Ahww man, I have the worse cold at the moment so have been stuck in bed for a few days, a travel jab certainly hasn't helped either! 

One thing that will always (maybe not always) will get me up is baking and here I present my Coffee (with a hint of chocolate) and Lotus Biscuit Spread cupcakes! And yes these are dairy free!! :) I used this recipe  as inspiration but  without all the fiddly things such as baking powder/salt/oil/milk etc and used my standard recipe with some cocoa powder to thicken up the mixture when I added around 6 tsp of coffee! Also used Stork Block Butter :) and Pure Margarine! 

My taste buds aren't working at the moment so I have no idea how strong/nice/not nice these cakes are haha. Fingers cross someone will like them :) 

As for the Lotus Spread, everyone must try it. My friend recently bought some back from France until we later realised you can buy it in the super market ha. It tastes exactly like the coffee biscuits and they even do a crunchy version. Try not to get too addicted though as I can imagine it isn't the healthiest of spreads. 

Kathryn x


  1. These look amazing, I love the Lotus Biscuits they are so yummy.