Thursday, 19 March 2015

A Bedroom to be Proud of: Boux Avenue Room Spray

Boux Avenue, Room Spray, Review, White Chiffon
Boux Avenue, Room Spray, Review, White Chiffon
Boux Avenue, Room Spray, Review, White Chiffon

Let me begin by letting you all know that I have a complete obsession with Boux Avenue, not just because they produce some beautiful and affordable sets of lingerie but also because their stores just provide you with complete bliss, it's as if you are walking into a huge walk-in wardrobe full of cosy pj's and drawers full of an endless amount of bras and underwear. A girl's dream right? 
One thing that always strikes me when I walk into Boux Avenue is the fresh aroma that the store has. Considering my drawers are covered with Boux Avenue rose petals and scented pouches I even surprised myself when I realised I didn't have the matching room spray. 
The signature scent of Boux Avenue is called White Chiffon, which is a subtle mixture of lily, jasmine and elderflower and provides you with a room you to be proud of (even if it is a bit untidy). I am so happy with this room spray, it makes me want to stay in my room and keep it fresh all the time now. Also how clean and sophisticated is the bottle?!
The 100 ml White Chiffon Room Spray can be found here, there are always discounts here and there so have a good search around. 
Signed, Kathryn x


  1. I've just ran out of candles and want something to make my room smell lovely and fresh all the time and this sounds perfect! I hadn't thought about a room spray! Glad I came across this :)

    Emma xx


  2. Ohh do try it, its so refreshing!! :) xx