Monday, 4 August 2014

Monsoon Sale Shoes #OOTD

This isn't my typical kind of post I must admit but I am extremely proud of my recent purchase (thanks mother Chalk) so thought I would share it with you'all. 
After coming back from Thailand I've been pretty skint (still on the job hunt) but luckily after walking into Monsoon I noticed these little beauts. At first I thought they were nothing special but after trying them on and with several ladies saying how lovely they are look on how could I resist... and the price.. £11.50 reduced from £50! Bargain or what.

These fit perfect and I have had no problem finding outfits to go with them as they suit literally anything! There are tonnes of other shoes that I would had bought in the sale but these were just that little bit different :) 

Oppsie, a whole Topshop outfit. 

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