Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Life Through My Phone #1

Evening all :) 

I've been a busy bee lately and with my birthday coming up tomorrow I've had some pretty exciting days to the lead up as well as birthday celebrations at the end of this week. 

I have changed my instagram account since (you can now find me @kathryns_cupcakes) but in the mean time here is some highlights from the last few weeks, taken from my personal account :)! 

1/ New Purchase from Topshop 2/ Afternoon Tea 3/ Cupcake Baking 4/ Green Tea, Mint & Lime Costa 5/ Selfridges (excited for Great British Bake Off) 6/ Some early birthday presents 7/ Charlie & the Chocolate Factory 8/ Beautiful flowers from parents 9/ My friends cutest kitten

Tomorrow I am off to Champneys for a spa day with my mum, ekk.


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  1. your cupcakes are so amazing! and so jel of that tiffany, its so gorgeous! id love it if youd comment back xx