Sunday, 17 August 2014

21st Birthday Haul!

So it was indeed my 21st on Thursday and I have had the best week celebrating it! I feel as if I have been absolutely spoilt and thought it would be nice to share with you some of the lovely gifts I received from my friends and family. By no means is this a way to brag, I just know I enjoy looking at peoples hauls and I know I will love to look back on this to in the future :) 

From my Nan I was bought this b.e.a.utiful (that was necessary right?) Royal Albert 1960's Golden Roses tea cup set from their 100 years collection. I am a massive tea fan and after bringing back some gorgeous tea's from Thailand I just can't wait to drink out of this.
She then went on and bought me some Mac products. Bless her, she had no idea what to get but I love it all.  I haven't yet tried them properly so will follow with some reviews I'm sure but in the mean time the products were: 
Sheer Tone Blush in Peaches
In Extreme Dimension 3D Black Lash
Plus Gloss in Posh It Up

Aw my friends! Along with this stunning Whistles clutch bag, they bought me YSL Rouge Volupte in the shade 33 Rose Neillia, Benefit Dandelion Ultra Plush Lipgloss and a SpaceNK voucher for £15 (already spent). Later in the day I had a parcel through the door and my best friend from university and who I went to Thailand with bought me the cutest Elephant Pandora charm.. not the whole bracelet haha! So adorable :) 

And then the boyfriend... spoilt just a tad! Along with the beautiful flowers I recieved on my birthday, he bought me a Tiffany & Co. beaded bracelet, which I must of hinted for about 4 years to various people ha. We took a trip to Victoria Secret and he treated me to some products (not to be shared on here haha) and then a box set from Lush. His parents then bought me a Thai Cooking Book that has excited me more than it should have had haha. 

A big big thank you to all of them esepically my parents who bought tickets for me to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, dinner out in London and a spa day in Champneys! I got a luxury pair of pj's from them also and some little homely accessories! 

Ahh they all deserve some wonderful Christmas presents haha :) 

Kathryn xx


  1. Happy Birthday! All your presents are so nice, love the whistles clutch!

  2. Aw thank you!! xx

  3. Happy birthday! Looks like you had a great one! Especially that gorgeous tea cup set. What a great gift!

  4. Thank you!! :) I had an amazing time and it really is beautiful. Scared to use it haha xx

  5. Happy belated birthday! That teacup set is adorable and I love the elephant Pandora charm!

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  6. Aww thank you hun! Isn't it just, can't wait to use it :) xx

  7. Aww you got some lovely birthday gifts xx