Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Living with a Broken Laptop | Top Reads from Kathryns Cupcakes

The day my parents went on holiday, along with the iPad happened to be the day my laptop gives in. So unfortunate and annoying as I had so many upcoming posts!
I will get this fixed soon as but in the mean time why not have a look at some older posts :)
  1. New Instagram Account : Keep Updated
  2. Thailand Holiday Video : For some Sun, Sea & Sand
  3. Interview Makeup #FOTD : Job Hunting Season
  4. Mac Girl About Town Review : Favourite Mac Lipstick
  5. Michael Kors Selma Bag : Favourite Bag
  6. Fizzy Pink Lemonade Cupcakes : Summer Cupcakes
  7. Perfumes : My Top 5
  8. Haul : Zara & Topshop
Sorry, will be back ASAP. Oh and if you are wondering how I have posted this.. I am at work.. oopsie haha!


  1. ElleSees.blogspot.com20 August 2014 at 12:11

    oh no!!! hope it is fixed soon.

  2. Thanks hun, such a pain :( x

  3. OH noooo!! That is the worst! I hope it is fixed soon :)


  4. Tell me about it :( Thank you! xxx