Sunday, 3 August 2014

Khao Sok National Park

8th July

Hello Khao Sok National Park! Today we woke up at 5:30 am for 6 am pick up to the pier. Bought a trusty raisin bun from 7 Eleven & headed to the catamaran. It was so windy so Alice and I sat outside just in case I started to feel sick. A guy from Israel named Alex sat with us but I think he regretted that after a few minutes. 2 hours later we arrived in Surat Thani & caught the bus to Khao Sok where a taxi later picked us up. It is beautiful! We are in River Cottage 2 by the river with a lovely outside shower and a huge mosquito net. It has rained all day but hopefully tomorrow will be a bit better for the trek around the park. This evening was some celebration thing with very bad dancers ha. We also had many power cuts but I saw a firefly which was pretty cool. 

9th July

Didn't get much sleep last night and heavy monsoon weather at the moment. Had egg on toast for breakfast then headed to the lake. It was awful weather so we were given ponchos to wear whilst on the long boat. The view, from what the rain would let us see was beautiful. An hour there we then headed to the floating raft houses which were so pretty in the emerald lake. Spoke to some girls who where from my area also, such a small world. Ally and I hired out a kayak but it started to rain again. Food was glorious! Fresh fish, green curry, banana fritters and plenty of rice and fruit. We then walked into the jungle where we saw caterpillars, tarantula nests and monkeys, then we got on a bamboo raft to a beautiful cave. So glittery. The day ended and our tour guide let us hitch a ride on his moped so we could get to the ATM haha.

Little obsessed with long tail boats!

Remind anyone of an elephant?!


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