Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Ko Phi Phi | Youtube Thailand Holiday Video!

10th July

Today we took an odd minibus journey from Khao Sok to Krabi. On the way to the pier we picked up some Canadians and Americans who we keep bumping into! Boat was good although I got a tad burnt. We arrived at 5 pm and walked to our hotel 'The White'. Average but good enough. Then took a walk to the viewpoint. A little cloudy today but the views were still stunning. Ate at a hut place which had no name but the beef curry and mango sticky rice was glorious! At around 9 o'clock there was a huge fire show on the beach so sat with some pina coladas and mojito's and watched fire skipping ropes. 

11th July

As for today... We walked to Phi Phi bakery and I ordered a English Muffin with peanut butter mmm. Then we booked a half day trip aaround the island. Chilled on the beach until then. So we got on the longtail boat and headed to monkey island. They were everywhere, attacking everyone including me. They stole peoples beers, oreos, water, you name it they stole it.

Would not recommend this place.
Got back onto our longtail boat & sat for 20 minutes or so in storm-like waves. We were all drenched and thought we were going to die. Pulled up at a cove where they told us to swim to these cliffs with spider string ropes everywhere. We crawled out and Alice somehow fell back into the boat which was so funny. 

Struggled but made our way to the rocks and climbed through the cave. Walked through some beautiful greenery to end up at Maya Beach AKA The Beach. It was stunning, white sand, clear water, pure heaven. We then went snorkelling which was awesome. Saw some huge parrot fish, yellow fish and some beautiful coral. Swam in a cave then made our way past a viking cave. 
Went back to our favourite dinner place and had big noodles (miss these soo much) along with mango sticky rice then sat and chatted with the Americans.
All in all a pretty eventful day.

Thailand 2014 Holiday Video: 

This is where my Thailand journey comes to an end! We headed to Krabi then back to Bangkok... however I ended up needed to get the Rabies jabs hence why I would not suggest visiting them monkeys. Hope you have enjoyed my little diary and please give a thumbs up if you like my holiday video! 

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