Saturday, 2 August 2014

21st Birthday Wishlist

I can't actually believe how quick this year is going, in my head I still feel as if it is June but somehow it is August and in 2 weeks time it will be my 21st birthday!
I haven't had any time to even think what I want and to be honest am not extremely fussed about birthdays to begin with, as long as I get to spend it with those who I love I am happy. Saying this, I did have a bit of a think yesterday and came up with a few items that I know I would never buy myself or would need a little help in the bank balance situation to afford them. So here is my 21st Birthday Wishlist!

My friends have kindly offered to buy me a little beauty hamper so if any one has any beauty products they love and think I should know about please comment to let me know :) 



  1. Great wishlist! I love the bracelet and the YSL lippy and also the shoes! They look nice! I hope you get all that!xxx

    Crissy from MY CUP OF TEA

  2. Love the look of the YSL lipstick! So gorgeous :)
    xprincessjas | ♥

  3. It's so pretty, fingers crossed ha :) xx

  4. Aww thank you :) xxx