Sunday, 5 January 2014

Sale Purchases

I have decided to actually focus on my blog a little more this year and give it a bit of structure instead of just random posts here and there! I haven't yet decided how I am going to do this but seeing as its a new year and all I think its time to put in a bit more effort! Unfortunately though... my new year resolution is to stop going into Boots and buying makeup that I really don't need, so there's not going to be many updates makeup related! We'll see how long that lasts though! 

Xmas Sales

I have never been fond of sales and still haven't got my head around why people queue up from god knows o'clock outside Next for the boxing day sale?! HOWEVER, I did end up going to Westfield a few days after Christmas and feel like I actually succeeded in sale buying. Here are just a few of my purchases :)

These were such a bargain! £27 to £13.50, you can't exactly go wrong!

Ted Baker bags are lovely, I must have about 4 bags and 2 purses now. The quality is beautiful and this black clutch was reduced from £69 to £48. Not a hugeee bargain but I was in need of a black clutch so it was worth it. 

Zara was defiantly my favourite shop of 2013! Everything, in my opinion, is more sophisticated and higher quality than other shops without the hefty price tag! I actually had my eye on a black jacket but opted for this instead. It had £20 off and I think I have worn it every day since!

I can't explain how happy I was when I found this dogtooth print dress in sale. I was going to buy it when it was full price but went for a different dress in the end. This was my New Years Eve outfit, which I wore with my Ted Baker clutch bag and black wedges.

Hope you like it all!
Kathryn x