Friday, 10 January 2014

Soap & Glory The Yule Monty

Every Christmas, without fail, I always receive the amazing Soap & Glory Christmas gift set. This year was no exception. The gift set was named The Yule Monty which included 9 full-size products ranging from moisturizers, body wash and makeup all packaged in a beautiful wash bag designed by British fashion designer Jonathan Saunders. 

1// Hand Cream 2// Foot Cream 3// Body Scrub

Soap and Glory really have managed to produce the best smelling lotions! This will just be a quick insight of what was included in the gift set :) 

1/  'Hand Food' is there hydrating hand cream. I have never really suffered from dry hands but it defiantly leaves my hands feeling lovely and soft without that greasy feeling. It is the original formula consisting of shea butter, macadarnia oil and marshmallow, the smell that Soap and Glory are renown for! 

2/ 'Heel Genius'. I loooveee this product. I use it when I'm giving myself a mini pedicure and makes my feet feel so smooth. It says you are supposed to layer it onto clean feet at night and wear cotton socks whilst you sleep for it to soak it, but I just use it whenever :)

3/ 'Scrub of your Life'. I swear by exfoliating, it makes your skin so much softer but I do probably over do it sometimes ha. This contains tiny little pink beads, and unlike some products, this actually lathers up when scrubbing!

4// Moisturizer 5// Body Wash 6// Body Butter

 4/ 'Butter Yourself' is a ultra nourishing moisture lotion. This is probably my least favourite product of the gift set because of its smell and texture. It's very strong and the product left me feeling sticky/greasy. Not ideal :( 

5// 'Sugar Crush' is beautifulll! The smell of fresh limes in a body wash really does wake you up in the mornings!

6// 'The Righteous Butter'. My all time favourite body butter. Its thick, but doesn't leave you feeling sticky and of course, the classic S&G scent! 

7// Mascara 8// Lip Gloss 9// Face Wash

7/ 'Thick and Fast' is their super volume mascara. The wand is huge and it really does give you some extra volume on your lashes!
8/ 'Sexy Mother Pucker' Extreme Edition. My mum and I find this product so funny. No it doesn't actually make your lips any bigger but it certainly makes them tingle like crazy which causes us to pout.. I guess that the purpose of it! 

9// 'Peach & Clean' is there 3-in-1 face wash. I love the fact this hasn't got any exfoliating beads in it, which usually seem to get everywhere. I don't know if this product actually works but so far I am happy with the cleansing power! 

I am always thrilled to receive these gift sets and this years did not let me down one bit! 

Kathryn x 


  1. I can't even put into worlds how beautiful this gift set looks! Soap & Glory is make weakness and I love everything by them! I really enjoyed this post! :-)

  2. Soap and glory is an absolute favourite! I have this amazing set tooo xx

  3. I'm a tad jealous ... actually ... I'm REALLY jealous! I love Soap & Glory and this set is amazing. You're so lucky! I've been wanting to try the Sugar Crush Scrub as so many bloggers swear by it. What do you think of their makeup? I've never tried it before, amazing post lovely xxx

    1. Haha aww no! It's so lovelyyy :')

      Tbh, I have only tried there lip glosses and mascaras so can't comment, too much. I just see them as my bath/shower go to rather than makeup but if I pick anything up I'll let you know :)) xxx

  4. Such an amazing collection of products!! :)

    I nominated you for the Liebster Award on my blog:

    Hope you can check it out! :)