Monday, 6 January 2014

2013 Beauty Favourites

2013 was defiantly the year my makeup collection grew massively. I have picked out the products that have stood out to me this year and which I will be constantly using throughout 2014 I am sure! Without further-ado here they are :) 

1// Pore Professional 2// Rimmel Wake Me Up 3// High Beam Highlighter 4// Vichy Translucent Powder

Base Products

1/ Primers are a must for my skin and a little of Benefits Pore Professional goes a long way. Its smooth and instantly reduces the size of pores. I wasn't much of a primer girl but after receiving this for my birthday I can see why so many people swear by it!
2/ Foundation. I have been struggling finding a foundation this year ever since Estee Lauder decided to change there double wear formula :( BUT, only literally a week ago did I come across Rimmel Londons Wake Me Up foundation. Why did no one tell me about this before. Its a beautiful texture, leaves my skin glowing and lasts for sooo long, and the price doesn't hurt my bank account!
3/ High Beam has always been on my wishlist. I was using sleek highlighter but so powder ontop of powder is just too much for my skin. Here is my little review for this product.
4/ And finally a powder. I was originally using MAC's translucent powder but Vichy's pot is so much larger and cheaper. In addition you get a little powder puff to apply it with :). I have never got on well with coloured powder but maybe this year I'll give it a go. 

1// Sleek Contour in Light 2// NARS Orgasm 3// Rockateur by Benefit
1/ After purchasing the Real Techniques base collection which includes a contour brush, it was necessary to buy a contour palette. Sleek products are brilliant in my opinion. They are cheap but are just as good as the top brands. Not much to say other than its a great match to my skin and does the job to contour my cheek bones

2/ Blushers: NARS Orgasm. What a lovellyyy colour a shimmery rose gold tone. I wore this mainly in Summer hence why I have two blushers in this photo

3/ Rockateur is the most recent Benefit blusher. Perfect for winter as its slightly darker and matches the dark eyes and clothing. Also I didn't realise how nice these blushers my Benefit smelt! 

1// Benefit Brows 2// Maybelline Eyeliner 3// Urban Decay Primer Potion 4// Naked 3
1/ This year I gave most attention to my eyebrows. I had always hated my brows, they were either too sparse or too thick however Benefit saved me! I went and had my brows waxed and tinted and the results were amazing. I literally had no idea how they made them look so good. I went on to buy there brow palette to keep my brows looking fresh!

2/ Im a big fan of normal eyeliner for my bottom water line. I feel my eyes look dead without and this Maybelline eye liner is my top eyeliner this year. It is a twist up so no need to keep sharpening and the thinness of the eyeliner tip gives you super neat black waterline unlike a pencil.

3/ Of course primer potion has to be in here! Eyeshadow isn't the same without it!

4/ Finally, the Naked 3 palette! This is perfect. The colours are perfect, the pigment is just as strong and the tin is much posher than previous palettes. 

One product I haven't got a photo of but is probably my top product of the year is....

Collection 2000 concealer. Cheap yet absolutely wonderful at covering all blemishes!! Everyone needs to give this a go for 2014!

And that concludes my 2013 products of the year! 
What were yours? :) 


  1. Pore professional, High beam, and Rockateur are three of my faves! I love benefit stuff. You should check out thier foundation Oxygen Wow too, it's really good :)
    Hannah | twoforjoy | xo

  2. I really, really want to try pore fessional and swear my powdering my eyebrows in - Happy New Year btw!

    I found your blog via Bloglovin and it would be great if you could take a look at my latest posts and say hi :) xx

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  4. New to the blogging world!!
    Would love some tips on how you edited your layout
    Absolutely loving your blog keep up the great work!! =]

    1. Aww thank you lovely!

      :) I just need to learn how to get more followers then I will provide some useful tips. Good luckkkk, you'll love it xx