Tuesday, 3 September 2013

First Paid Batch!

Ekkk!! Soo as the title suggests I have been baking my first ever batch of cupcakes that someone ordered... well I say that, its actually my friend who I baked the giant cupcake for, but still! It's actually quite exciting having someone asking you to bake some cupcakes for them and with the added bonus of being paid to do so! Now with that excitement out of the way here are some photos... 

They are just my standard vanilla recipe but I ran out of vanilla essence so the icing is lemon butter cream! I actually love them, I'm not sure what I did different but the butter cream was so smooth when icing and am extremely happy with the outcome! 

I will dedicate this post to my lovely girl Zara and hope she had a wonderful birthday and loves all the cake! I'am also going to include a few photos of the night out and hope the girls loved the makeup I done for them (if I am not a weather girl or own a cupcake shop when I am older, a nail salon and makeup parlor will have to do!) 

Love you all x


  1. These look great, I love them two colours together! I also loveee cupcakes :)


  2. They look very yumm! :) hahaha but seriously so pretty <3

  3. They look amazing! Do you think you could do a post on how you made them - i would love to know:)
    Becky xx


    1. Thanks babe!

      Ah its just a standard vanilla cupcake recipe that's in an older post (:
      Thanks for viewing ma blog xxx

  4. So beautiful! I've actually just fallen in love with your blog, hello from another dairy free blogger and baker!! Can't wait to see more cupcakes and recipes, love it!! :)
    Carrie:Brighton xx

  5. Awww that's so lovely!! :') Just been on your blog, loveee it!! Thank you ♥ xx