Monday, 9 September 2013

Liebster Award

So I originally planned this blog to post photos of the cupcakes I bake and also general life activities however I can soon see it developing into a beauty blog, definitely not going to complain.
So the lovely Hannah from commented nominating me for a 'Liebster Award' which in German translated to dearest and posted for new bloggers with fewer than 200 followers in order to gain recognition which is then passed onto other bloggers. 

And now for the questions Hannah asked:

1. What is your all time must have beauty product?

As boring as this is and I'm not sure if you can even class it as a beauty product, Sudocream!

2. What is you favourite thing to do in spare time?

No shock here, baking cupcakes and going for walks!

3. What is your style of fashion?
Until recently I never really had a style, but now I like to keep things plain and simple, that way I know it will never go out of fashion. I have also been on a massive pink hype for ages now, luckily for me it is in trend this season ha!

4. How do you most like to style you hair?
When it comes to my hair, everyone will know that I'am most likely to go for the half up half down look.

5. Mascara or base make up?

Ah, as much as I love wearing foundation to make my skin look half decent I would much rather wear a mascara and go bare faced. Sometimes it feels nice to breath in your own skin. 

6. Twitter or Instagram?
Instagram all the way. I joined the Twitter hype last year but one day I woke up and just thought to myself 'Why does anyone want to know what I put on my toast this morning?!'.. maybe not that extreme but I found it extremely pointless and time consuming, for me anyways :)

7. Who is your favourite youtuber/ blogger?

Tanya Burr all the way! I have met her in Norwich... by meeting I mean walking past her in Topshop ha!

8. Whats you favourite blog or youtube tag?

Anything Beauty related!

9. What/ who inspired you to blog?
No one. As blunt and random as that sounds, I used to have a blog a few years back and I didn't really know anything about this blog hype and now I just decided to write my own to look back on and keep me busy :) 

10. What is favourite food?

Peanut butter! MMM...

Hope that wasn't too boring... 
When I have the time to search another 11 people to do this I shall, in the mean time.. 

Enjoy your day :) xxxx


  1. I was going to nominate you too, ha! Even though now I can't, I'm happy you were nominated!

    1. Haha I should probably tag others but everyone I find seems to be nominated already! Thank you though :) xxx

  2. Hahahah I just had to comment to say sudo cream is my favourite too! Just works for everything! Who needs expensive creams ;)

    The perks of being a hipster

    1. Hahaa Im glad I'm not the only one who uses it for everything!! ;) xxx