Wednesday, 4 September 2013

1st day back!

I can not believe I left school in 2011, so much has happened since yet a part of me misses it so much and although I thought I would never say it, I would love to go back for a week! So today Abbie and I went back to school to visit some of our teachers and just to have a little nose around to be honest and my god it brought back so many memories. I know it wasn't that long ago but it felt so different being back there and seeing the teachers walk past and some not even recognizing us.

Everyone seems to say that University is the best time of your life but I beg to differ! I know I should probably appreciate it more than I do, but we never really appreciate whats going on in the present and although I probably will miss university when I leave, I don't believe it has impacted my life the way Secondary School has, saying that I still have one year to go!

I really do miss school and it sucks knowing that them days are over and that soon I'll be facing the real world with no more education ek!

Kathryn x 

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