Friday, 5 September 2014

Shopping Haul | Pandora, Essie, Nars etc.

Another pay day...another shopping spree. I like to think I am good at saving money but lately I have just had to urge to work, spend, work spend, which really isn't the way to be! First stop on my spree was Boots. I have a shellac set at home and love it to bits but I really wanted a white nail vanish fast, so I purchased Essie Blanc as well as a topcoat, take a look at my instagram for close up as I lost my camera and now I have chipped a nail... not a good look! 
Then into SpaceNK where I purchased NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in the shade Vanilla. I am so sick of my Collection 2000 that I thought I would treat myself (not that I needed too) and buy one that actually matches my skin tone. So far so good but it's only day one (:  
Oh Pandora! All my girls have Pandora rings and although I have had my bracelet since my 16th birthday, I just never considered myself as a ring person...until now. This is from their Autumn collection and I am slightly in love, looking to purchase the earrings to match, uh-oh. 

Then onto River Island where I bought this black simple top. I never wear black so this is a bit out of my comfort zone but the v-neck is so elegant and classy that I can see myself wearing it a lot! Following on from buying my adorable Koala Slippers I was eager to buy a dressing gown. How pretty is this one from Boux Avenue? I have worn it every day since and loveee it to bits, its so me! 

And there you have it, think I got over excited with money but ohwells... that's why you work eh?!
:) Kathryn x


  1. Pandora rings are the cutest! So dainty & girly! I love the dressing gown, it looks super cosy! x

    Beauty with charm

  2. Literally in love it ha (: and I knowww never thought I would be a ring girl until now! xxx