Tuesday, 2 September 2014

The Weekend | London Town O2 Climb

Although I technically don't live in London, I like to class myself as a London galll and love going in town for little adventures to discover new places. This weekend was a special one as it was the last 21st birthday of our friendship group and we sure did celebrate it well. The first adventure of the day was climbing up the O2 ( you know the one, that big dome by the river in Eastenders). I hadn't a clue what to expect and can safely say I was least prepared girl in the group... I even had to purchase some socks because I stupidly thought my shoes would be suitable. All geared up in some uber attractive climbing wear we were ready to take on the huge challenge of accomplishing the O2, that's a slight exaggeration ha.

I really would recommend it, we had such a laugh and although it's not the highest of buildings the view was still vast, especially seeing the cable cars over the Thames. I think that will be my next on my to-do list in London. Being the classy girls we are, half of us ordered a sushi whilst the rest of us ordered a Nandos takeaway... can't beat a good Nandos pitta :)
Birthday girl!
I have a post to follow and after my previous post I feel really excited about my blog and my upcoming posts! I really hope all you lovely followers still enjoy my blog but I understand if you are more interested in the beauty side of things, who knows I'm sure a makeup post will pop up here and there :)

P.s Thank you everyone and also so proud that I reached 100 followers on instagram today! You are all wonderful people and have made me a very happy blogger <3  


  1. Looks like so much fun! Also, congrats on 100 followers :)

  2. Thank you hun! It reallyyy was (: xx