Monday, 8 September 2014

The Weekend | Cambridge & Punting

Owh.. I was ill on Saturday so not a lot went on other than 'buming' around catching up with YouTube and Saturday night TV, exciting I know. Although I still felt ill I managed to make my way up to the beautiful Cambridge to visit my boyfriend and his family where his mum had kindly booked us a punting trip and a Sunday lunch.

Although born and raised in London I absolutely love East Anglia, the peaceful way of life and unique little cobbled streets, I know one day I shall be moving up there so I am so thankful I picked a boyfriend who lives in the area ha (well done me). More to the point, we started the day with a guided punting tour of the colleges by the river and the history of the bridges. It is so pretty and I would recommend it to anyone. Here's a handy hint, make sure you face the way the boat is going as it saves the neck strain that I experienced. 

After the 40 minute tour we headed a little out of town to a pub called The Old Crown in Girton! It's around 20 minutes outside the city center but an absolutely beautiful pub with incredible deserts.. just check out my instagram for the boyfriends eton mess. Looked like heaven. Tom and I decided to head back into the center to walk through some gardens however we got chucked out by one of the guards who shouted at us that it was closed, if a gate is open, you presume its open right? Oopsie ha. 

The only thing I could remember from the time I went to Cambridge when I was a youngster was the Fudge shop that is actually named Fudge Kitchen. Luckily Tom knew what I was talking about so we headed straight there and I immediately bought some dairy free fudge and some rum & raisin for my parents.

What a lovely day and I hope everyone had a lovely weekend too:) 

I have a lonnnggg week  ahead despite having today off so think some baking is in store today x


  1. Glad you loved your day in Cambridge - it looks like you had great weather for your Scudamore's punting tour. Hopefully see you on the river again some time to have a go yourself!

  2. You look frikkin gorgeous, Kathryn! I loved your photos, so beautiful! It's my dream to step foot in Cambridge. Your post just makes me more excited to go! :)

  3. Hi Kathryn saw your comment on 'The Misty Mom' its true what shari said you're so gorgeous!! Love your pic at the bridge..Wish i could visit that place someday.. *Finger Crossed*

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  4. Aww thank you hun!! It is such a lovely place to visit (: Thank you for reading xx

  5. Aww thank you lovely!! (: It is a must, such a unique place!!