Monday, 10 February 2014

Cosmetics Miniatures

 So over the years, buying endless amounts of cosmetics, I have accumulated some good and some bad miniatures/samples. Here are just 5 that I thought I would review and share for y'all.

As I am sure you are all aware, this cute bottle came with the Urban Decay NAKED 1 palette! I had never owned a eye shadow primer before, god knows why?! After using this I  firstly noticed, how much more pigmented my eye shadows were on my lids, secondly how well my eye shadow lasted and thirdly no creasgin! This is the Original shade in Nude which dries invisibly, however there are three others: Sin (shimmering champagne), Eden (nude matte) and Anti Aging. Overall a brilliant primer! 

I am very much a foundation kind of girl and believe that it is the most important part of a makeup routine, so when a lady from the Benefit gave me a small sample of this foundation I was very skeptical. 'Flawless' is defiantly not the right word to give this foundation. It's claimed to be 'an oil-free brightening liquid foundation that builds from light to medium coverage' but personally I found it not only to be an extremely light foundation but a very 'wet' foundation that when I applied it it virtually just fell off my face. Not good! I do love some benefit products but this was a massive let down. Maybe it works better on dry skin? 

I was never really a lipstick girl when I received this, nor did I ever use Max Factor products however I was pleasantly surprised. The shade is English Rose, a frosty pink with a lot of shine. It's beautiful and pretty long lasting with a lovely texture. Its a gorgeous colour and will probably purchase the full size once this has finished! 

4// Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation

Right, first things first. This used to be my all time favourite foundation and once I thought I had found THE one, they got rid of my shade and something crazy happened with the formula ( though they still deny it). Luckily in the airport I was able to find my old shade and the lady then popped the tester sized bottle in my bag. Clearly this is not my shade at all but it was the old formula. My shade was Fresco, it was perfect and made my skin look flawless. I have to admit, it probably was a little too heavy for me but I loved the full coverage! Fingers crossed the old formula comes back! 

A very much love hate relationship! I received this with the full sized mascara and at first I hated it! It was too wet for my lashes and once I curled them they just went flat again. However I have been using it regularly and now I am finding it too dry for my lashes. Enough of the bad, because I feel that the goods are slightly overriding the bad at the moment. It does give me very high defined lashes and when I don't use this I can really see a difference. I would recommend getting a sample of this if you can just to test it out because, like with most things, it does take time to get used to it! 


  1. I love miniature stuff so much! Especially when I hold them in my hands bc it makes me feel like a giant , and powerful. But yeah, I really want to try the Flawless foundation since I have quite dry skin

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  2. I have nominated you for the Liebster Award! Go to my recent blogpost to have a look at the questions i've asked you.

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