Sunday, 23 February 2014

Body Shop Hair Chalk// Tickle Me Pink

I am so happy this chalk trend has stuck around! Back in summer I chalked my hair (using my own chalks) with purple, pink and blue shades and absolutely loved it... however it did slightly dry and ruin my hair! So when I heard that The Body Shop had released some hair chalks in their Spring collection I was fairly intrigued to try them out. I chose the pink shade named Tickle Me Pink just because I think pink looks so pretty in blonde hair :) 

These are very simple to use and come with very simple instructions as follows: 

'1) Place a towel around your shoulders to protect your clothes. 2) Gather a section of hair, place the colour pad on top with your thumb underneath and glide down to the tip. 3) Brush through the excess powder. Seal in the colour with hair spray. 4) Wash out with shampoo to remove'

It is literally as simple as that. If you are going for the very light pastel look brush over once or twice and for a more vibrant pink just repeat several times and voila! I particularly like the formula of this product as it doesn't feel drying on the hair at all, is so smooth and doesn't crumble or anything. It's fab and adds extra excitement to your hair instantly.. and best of all if you hate it, it washes out so easily!

It works much better on fresh clean hair and suggests that if you do have dry or damaged hair use a leave in conditioner before using this product. 
So last night I used this and I had so many compliments. It hardly took any time at all to do the ends of my hair and I used a curling wand to mix up the different layers! Yes it has ended up on my white top and I am hoping it'll wash out but who knows... 

Overall I loveee it, and I apologize for the photos! This isn't my fresh hair but it has still stayed in over night, bonus!!

You can find these in Body Shop for £5, and here is the blue shade (Falling for Blue) if you are interested :)

Kathryn xx


  1. Ooh I really want to try this, since I'm not committed enough to have a full time dyed hair!

    1. Aw deffo try it! Works a treat :) xx

  2. that looks great!
    subtle and cute

  3. It looks awesome!

    1. Thank you! It is a fab product :) x