Monday, 9 March 2015

Using Pinterest to Make Your Dreams a Reality | The Secret

Yesterday evening I finished reading a book, not any old story book but a book which I believe will and has already changed the way I see my life and the beauty of the world. And the title of this it? The Secret to Teen Power by Paul Harrington.

If you feel like you're currently trapped in a bubble and can't quite see the light, or maybe you have these dreams but keep thinking to yourself "its only a dream" then I highly recommend giving The Secret a read to hopefully give you the power of making your goal or passion become reality!

So you've created a new board on Pinterest. Now the most important thing about this new board is that it is set to SECRET. This board is about you and your life.

Your first pin topic. What do you want in your life? 

This one is extremely broad so start with the first thing that pops into your mind and it can be absolutely anything from a car to a dream holiday or maybe you want the latest Michael Kors bag. Whatever it is, search it and pin it. My first pin: a dog. Yup that's right, what I really want and will make sure I get in my life is a Beagle puppy. 
This one will grow and the more you think about it the more things you want, so just keep expanding on it.

Your hobbies and passion. What do you love doing?

Imagine you've been working or studying so much that you've had no time to yourself and then suddenly a day off! What do you do on that day? What makes you think yes I have the time to do that and puts a huge smile on your face. It could be going for a run, painting or just reading a book. Pin it along with some quotes about that hobby! One of my pins: Baking cupcakes! 

Travel. Where do you really want to visit? 

Imagine you have all the money and free time in the world to go somewhere. Where do you chose? You could go on a safari to South Africa, go to New York to shop and visit Broadway or visit see the Northern Lights in Iceland. Pin all those places and start imagining yourself going there! 

So you get the picture right, you're building the life you want. Keep going, include things such as your ideal home, motivational quotes, your perfect job, your favourite food and drink, anything that just makes you smile. Of course there is more to just pinning a photo online and imagining getting those things but if you read The Secret to Teen Power you will believe that you have the power to have anything you choose! 

Now whose to say you can't go get all those things you've just pinned? No one. 

Signed, Kathryn x

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