Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Chiang Mai #4 & Koh Tao

27th June

Just returned from Thai boxing which is a must see in Thailand, was bloody hilarious. One round ended up with 5/6 guys in the ring blindfolded and just swinging and missing each other..(will insert a video near the end of my Thailand adventure). However the rest was a little uncomfortable to watch, unless you enjoy seeing young guys getting hit.
Breakfast was beautiful today. We walked to Breakfast World in the old town and ate a full English along with a banana shake! I know... an English breakfast in Thailand? But it really was well needed. After a lot of walking lately we booked a spa day at Fah Lanna Spa. For 900 bht we had a foot scrub/foot reflexology massage as well as a full body Thai massage. The foot massage was perfect... little unsure on the Thai massage though ha. They put you in some very uncomfortable positions but I am sure it was doing the trick.

2nd July

Oopsie. I seem to forgot to write in the diary. We got the sleeper train back down to Bangkok the other night. I was a nervous wreck again but we got talking to 4 guys who were heading back home after a month in Thailand. We joined them to the party carriage which was hilarious! 

The next day we filled in Bangkok by seeing the park and then the huge shopping centers! After catching a second train down to Chumpion we hopped onto the ferry to Koh Tao!!! 

3rd July

Today was incredible! We ate at Big Fish off our resort (Koh Tao Beach Resort) with the standard fried eggs on toast. At 9:30 our taxi arrived to take us to the pier which took us to five different bays around the islands to go snorkeling. At first I struggled.. god knows why ha! The first bay was shark bay but unfortunately I saw none although some other people in the group saw several. The next few stops were beautiful. Amazing coral and tropical fish, just wish I had an under water camera!

Lunch was pretty decent for a boat trip, chicken with rice. For 100 bht we then stopped off at Koh Nang Yuan, the most stunning island! The view point was lovely as were their banana shakes! Also got back home to find out I graduate with a 2:1! We went for dinner at a place called Fizz on the beach with bean bags and amazing cocktails!!


  1. Wow that water looks beautiful! I love snorkeling, I've only gone once but it was wonderful. Thailand looks incredibly beautiful! :)

    1. It was stunninggg :)!! Amazing place x

  2. Oh awesome post. Looks like you had a blast. Fab photos and congrats on your 2:1 :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

    1. Aw thank you!! Was incredible thank youu :) xx