Thursday, 24 July 2014

Chiang Mai #3 ELEPHANT DAY

25th June

After yesterday's busy stuffed out day we had more of a stroll around Chiang Mai! Walked to a cafe called Blue Diamond - an amazing breakfast place if you are a lover of good breakfasts like myself. Apple and cinnamon pancake mmmm!
We took a long old walk to the university where we picked up a red taxi to the National Park to visit Wat Phra That Doi Suthep. The views were stunning, shame it started to rain ha. The stairs look dreadful but it really wasn't bad at all, totally worth it especially for seeing all the gold! 
Early night ready for tomorrows day.. ekkk.

26th June

Best day yet! Woke up bright and early to be picked up for the Elephant Nature Park day trip. As we sat in the truck we watched a documentary about the elephant sanctuary, some stories were unbelievably sad!
The park was beautiful, around 39 elephants including 6 months and 9 months little'uns. All with different backgrounds such as orphaned, tourism accidents and land mine accidents. We feed them water melon, pumpkin and bananas followed by a walk to see a baby along with its mum & nanny by the river. After lunch we headed back down to the river to wash and feed them again. Such a wonderful experience, they are such peaceful creations! Perfect day that I will never forget!
We got back around 5:30 and headed down to Lemon Grass again. The spring rolls there are delicious. Then to top it all off we watched the Cabret Show!! Hahaha was a unique show to say the least... 

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