Friday, 30 August 2013

Where has the time gone?!

Today has been one of those days where you sit and do absolutely nothing yet the time seems to fly by, this little saying is my inspiration for today's post which has no relevance to cupcakes whatsover. 

I found my old blog today and reading it made me realize how much time has flown by, it only feels like yesterday when I found out I got a place at UEA and now I have one year left to make the most of being a uni student! 
I started a blog in my first year where I posted photos I had taken every few days or so with a description of the day to remind me of days that I probably would have forgotten about otherwise, reading it back today brought back so many memories and I have realized how much I want to carry it on. 

I have no idea who actually reads this blog, or if anyone does but this is not only going to be dedicated to my love for baking cupcakes but will also include the odd posts about days I don't want to forget or random thoughts here and there! 

So whilst I'am here I will dedicate this post to the end of Summer and the beginning of my 3rd and final year at University (ek...).
The Summer holidays began with an amazing week at Tenerife with my best girls, I can safely say that the holiday is the cause of me having the biggest holiday blues I have ever had! Then straight after I made my way round Italy and Croatia on a cruise with the family on board the Celebrity Silhouette. I can not explain to you how amazing the boat was and how much I miss looking out of my balcony to see the different views each morning! 

Harry Potter Studios!
My Laptop won't let me upload anymore cruise photos :(
Cousins Wedding
Hyde Park
Other than the two holidays my summer holidays haven't been all that exciting this year. I have a job as a bar girl, I went to my first ever wedding and have pretty much just been baking and spending most of the time with my girls at home.
A little message goes out to my brother who I haven't seen or heard properly in what it feels like a year as he is having the time of his life travailing South Africa and now Australia. I feel like an only child at the moment and I really am not enjoying it but hey ho, as long as he is having a good time that's all that matters! 

So I think I have rambled on enough, I hope everyone has made the most of Summer 2013, Christmas isn't far away and Summer 2014 will come round quicker than you think. 

Keep smiling and enjoy the last few weeks of the holidays! 

Lots of love, Kathryn x

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