Thursday, 15 August 2013

Birthday ♥

Happy Birthday to me!! 

I am starting to feel pretty old by turning 20 and ending my teenage years. I spent the day with my girls and visited the one and only Harry Potter World Studios in Watford. Even if you don't even like or watch Harry Potter it is still an amazing experience and I would recommend it to absolutely anyone! 

So what did I get for my birthday... A LOT of cupcake goodies. I haven't actually made my birthday cake yet as I am having another celebration on Saturday and I shall attempt to bake a giant cupcake. 

Yesterday I was in such a rush so I can safely say that I was a bit disappointed in myself with these cupcakes but it was mainly to try and experiment with my new 'toys'. 
Here is what I created :)! 
Enjoy and thank you for everyone who messaged me and made my birthday brilliant!

Teacup Silicone Case: Lakeland
Plant Pot Silicone Case: Lakeland