Monday, 29 July 2013

Mocha Cupcakes

Okay, I think this will be my last baking session for at least a week now. I feel like all I'm doing is taking photos of cakes and then writing about them, but as soon as they run out I bake a new batch for my dad to take to work, for family friends or for an occasion like yesterday so they are not going to waste or being made for no reason ;) ! 

Today I was supposed to focus on my dissertation *sigh*, although I have printed some journals so once I have completed this I will actually do some work for once, but baking is just that little bit more fun. 
The idea for today was to bake Coffee and Walnut cupcakes as they are my dads favourite but seeing as I'm aching from my little 5K run yesterday I couldn't be bothered to move and buy some walnuts, thus I just used cocoa powder with coffee to form Mocha Cupcakes!

The recipe is pretty simple and I never change the formula, just add and subtract flavours. So... I added Camp Coffee extract in with a dash of vanilla essence for the coffee flavouring to my basic cupcake recipe, subtracted around 40 grams of self raising flour and replaced with cocoa powder and voila! You have a chocolate and coffee cupcake. 

Now for the icing, I was going to do the two tone with a chocolate buttercream and a coffee buttercream but the colours just merged together so was pretty pointless. Therefore it is just a plain coffee buttercream (Butter, icing sugar & Coffee essence) with pipped melted dark chocolate. 

For all you coffee lovers out there and dairy eating people, I would replace the extract with some instant espresso coffee as it'll probably give you a much stronger flavour and drizzle milk chocolate over the top, but whatever floats your boat will do!

Lotsa love, Kathryn xx