Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Benefit Gimme Brows: Medium//Deep

Ekkk! I am so excited over this product ha! I am a big fan of all things brow related, especially as unlike girls who made their brows really thin, I had untameable brows (thanks dad) which just grew within an hour of plucking. 
I have used various brow products including the Brow Zing by Benefit and all kinds of brow pencils. As much as I love Browzing, I always feel it takes a while to get the current definition. 

I was in much debate with the girls at the Benefit counter whether to go for the light shade or the dark shade, in the end I opted for Gimme Brow in Medium//Deep. I am naturally blonde (with highlights) but have dark eyebrows, and seeing as I usually get them tinted I thought I may as well purchase the dark shade to get the extra umpth! 


Usability: At first attempted I got the product everywhere ha and it showed me how many stray hairs I have (urgh). You are supposed to first go the opposite way to the brow so the tiny fibers cling onto the brow hairs. Once done you go in the direction of the brow and straighten it and what not to make them look beautiful. I love the fact that it also has a brilliant staying powder and acts like a gel/wax to keep your brows in place.

Colour: I chose the dark as my brows are dark anyway so it would just fill in the gaps to match. I loveee it, it instantly adds definition and you can layer it to keep filling in those sparse areas. 

 To finish using this product I do place a little bit of browzing, I don't know why but I feel like I can make it a little neater around the edges. I then conceal around the brows to give them even more definition! This has also shown me that I need to neaten my brows a little bit ha.

Overall, a beautiful little product which I feel is worth the money ( £17.50)  and hopefully last a while, although I will probably use this ALOT..! :) 

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