Wednesday, 2 April 2014

NARS Crime of Passion Palette

I admit, I am a little late with this one but if it's still in the shops that I can't be that out of date. 

So I walked into my local John Lewis the other day with the hope of finding my mum a birthday present, but instead I walked out with the goregous NARS Crime of Passion face palette. Firstly I love Nars, I think it is slowly becoming my favourite makeup brand and also I was in need of a light blusher and a lipgloss, so voila.. the perfect little palette.

It cost me £35 which I feel is actually okay because you get a lot for your money. 3 eyeshadows, a lipgloss, a blush and a bronzer, all in a lovely little compact palette. 

Here are my thoughts: 

I was a bit hesitant when I looked at the eye shadows. I only just recently bought two palettes which are full of colour and this palette contained some fairly safe colours. However I love it! From left to right, Naiade; a metallic light rose (more of a highlight colour I feel), Jezebel; a shimmery reddish brown and finally Pandora a matte black. 

To use this I sweep across the highlighting colour all over the eyelid and in the crease I apply Jezebel. With a little touch of Pandora I define the crease a little more then use the rest to line the lash. Overall I think it looks lovely! The pigmentation is so great that sometimes I admit, it does take a while to blend. Maybe just keep applying gradually will do the trick.

Onto the cheeks! This palette contains Deep Throat; a sheer peach blush and Laguna; the brown bronzer. I already have the full size Laguna so wont go into detail. I feel its a little over rated but I still use it for the time being to contour, maybe I will enjoy it more in Summer :) 

I love Deep Throat! Its so subtle yet adds a gorgeous shimmer to make the face complete with definition. There is also the Larger than Life Lipgloss which is a shimmery peach colour in Deep Throat again. Lovely colour, very simple and stays on forever!

Overall I love this palette! Its small, simple and contains everything you would need, the ideal little travel pack! 

I appologise there are no swatches, I have been so busy and completely forgot ha.  

Kathryn xxx


  1. Such a cute pallete! I love how tiny it is, just makes it even cuter and easier to pack of course!

    Melane | Oh Sweet Remedy

    1. It is so lovelyyyy, and perfect to travel with :) xx