Saturday, 19 March 2016

Kathryn's Cupcakes Easter Designs 2016 - Cute Chic

Hello lovely cupcake lovers,

I've had what I like to think of as an exciting and successful week that I hope will bring lots of positive projects in the future. My website is now completely finished and I finally got round to buying my own domain name! YAY! No longer am I ... *insert name here*.com/kathryncupcakes, you can now officially find me and my cupcakes at 

Now onto the yummy, scrummy chocolate Easter cupcakes for 2016!

These Easter cupcake chick designs are so cute and fun to make. I used my dairy free chocolate sponge recipe along with a dairy free chocolate buttercream of course and decorated the rest with some sprinkles.

Another reason I am excited is that I have finally found my signature cupcake design, yup the simple swirl and sprinkles along with some fondant to bring character to the cupcakes.

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Have a lovely weekend and Easter!

Kathryn x

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