Monday, 4 January 2016

Yearly Recap

I honestly don't know how people keep up with this blogging business. As much as I love writing, taking and editing photos, it does half take up a lot of time doesn't it?

A year has been and gone and I must say I am extremely excited for 2016, not that I have a lot of plans, but I just feel like I've gone into the New Year with a high so I hope that continues throughout.

Let's take a step back.. and recap on the year of 2015 with some highlights!
In 2015 I..
Gained: Two guinea pigs, an amazing boyfriend, a second cousin & a kitchen aid.
Visited: Cornwall, Edinburgh, Plymouth & Majorca
Attended: a Nicki Minaj concert, Radio 1's Big Weekend in Norwich & 2 of my cousins Weddings

I also developed a logo for my cupcakes, business cards and a website

I hope you all had an excellent year. 


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